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TRANS combines the adrenalin of a real-time 3D shooter with the mental twist of tactical operations, embodied by a third person robot action-strategy game.

Play with tens of robots able to quickly transform and adapt to your changing battle needs. Need a bigger gun? Just transform that Crusher Artillery to use its omni powerful Nuclear Shell to destroy whole enemy formations.

Enter a realistic fully interactive world that is populated by non-player characters, wandering bandits, temples, and towns. Feast your eyes on more than 40 special effects: from heavy nuclear explosions to environmental effects.

Enjoy multiplayer games with your friends - over the LAN or over the Internet.

TRANS is expected to be released by Christmas of 2000 in Windows 95/98/2000/NT formats.

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Trans demo

Do not download this demo. It's a BIG waste of time. Strange camera angles, and a really gay face thing that tells you your mission, and the mouth keeps moving even if its not talking. I think that's what takes up a lot of the space. graphics are decent but, the game is overall stupid. download it if you have nothing left to do and you're tired of watching grass grow.

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