Ultima 1 - A Legend Reborn


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It is a time of darkness in the lands of Sosaria. With the defeat of Mondain by British, summoned to the land by the magic of a serpent amulet, and the dark mage's exile from the lands of Akalabeth it seemed that evil had been banished forever. But Mondain was not so easily defeated. While exiled, the source of his power remained, and he sought vengeance upon those who had forced him from his stolen domain.

Game Features:

- 4 Character classes
- 4 Races
- 50 Characters/monsters
- 32 Dungeons
- 32 Towns
- 4 Castles
- 4 Keeps
- Huge world map

3D Engine Feature

Present Features:
- 6DOF engine
- Billinear filtering
- Full screen antialiased (if supported on board)
- Auto generated Mip-Maps
- Mouse look

- Diffuse textures
- Opacity textures
- Animated texture maps
- Environment textures
- Two-sided materials
- Smoothing groups

- Ambient lights
- Colored lights
- Point lights
- Directional lights

- Frustram culling
- Quadtree
- Scenetree
- BSP sorted alpha meshes
- Portals

- Fog
- Particle system
- Animated geometry
- Binary fileformat
- Collision Detection
- Sky-box
- Binary character format

Future Features:

- Cubic environment maps

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Ultima 1 - A Legend Reborn

I KNEW IT!Finally! They are remaking the Ultimas! I have been waiting for this since I played Ultima 1 for the first time! Being born in the eighties, I could not appreciate the game because of its poor graphics, and I hoped for a remake ever since, and here it is! Will buy this the day it hits the stores!

Ultima 1 - A Legend Reborn

OMFG!!! After UA and Ultima Online going under I was afraid that Lord British would go crawl under a big rock and hide!!! This is the best news in a long time. I was fortunate enough to play the ultima games when they were new and looked amazing (for their time, anyway). I will be watching this title closely.

Ultima 1 - A Legend Reborn

I'd love to play Ultima I again, but I wish that they'd quit with this 1st person perspective and create something like Ultimas 6 thru 7, you know with the top down 3rd person view. Baldur's Gate was a roaring success..if you'd played it, you'd know what I mean! Anyway I tire of this 1st person view..seems that every game these days have 'em. Any comments?

Ultima 1 - A Legend Reborn

I agree very much with shahrul, I think they could use an engine similar to that of UO maybe, with bigger characters. But they kinda need the 3D engine for the dungeon-crawl. Maybe a movable angle would be nice... YUM...

Ultima 1 - A Legend Reborn

Finally Thast hast created anew chapter of Ultima! Tis be the day I rule again! Just that a switch between me hansome eyes and an overhead view of me face would be nice. An option of 1st and 3rd person.

Ultima 1 - A Legend Reborn

I got a copy of this DEMO off a magazine CD a while back..... it has the some of the most shit-hot graphics I've ever seen in a game (and I've played HUNDREDS of games, in both full & demo versions on Sinclair Spectrum, Amiga 500, Nintendo Gameboy, Atari 7800, PC, PS1 & PS2).

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