Venture Arctic


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Harness the forces of sun, wind, and snow in icy lands where wolves roam the tundra and orcas patrol the seas.

"When I was introduced to Venture Arctic it was clear that, even after a mere few hours, I was playing something special. It's not just a hidden gem - it's a whole diamond mine."

Seasons of Change

Extreme seasonal change defines the cycle of life in the northernmost reaches of the globe. In Venture Arctic, the player controls the forces of earth, sun, wind, and water to bring summer and winter to polar bears, orcas, and more.

Forces of Nature

Collect the "spirits" of departed animals and spend them to control the forces of nature. Blow the smells of a beached whale to a starving wolverine or blanket the tundra in snow and ice to weed out the weak musk ox from the strong.


Experience the effects of climate change and mass extinction. Experiment with how animal relationships change when the weather is unseasonably warm or when a species is knocked out of the food chain.

The Ultimate Animal Game

Unlike other Tycoon Games, there are no people in Venture Arctic. You won't have to build hot dog stands, hire janitors, or balance your checkbook. Build your ecosystem however you want

Native American Lore

Authentic Inuit sculpture and lore inspire the story and the artwork. Unlock the traditional legends that form the basis for the game¿s storyline.

Educational Games

Venture Arctic is filled with fun information about marine and terrestrial animals of the northern reaches. Best of all, strategies for success revolve around understanding the authentic animal behaviors and the challenges of ecosystem stewardship.

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Venture Arctic

WTF is this? You need to spend a little money on dev tools and finish the graphics in your game.This is 2008, we can assume now that most people have more than 64 megs of video ram.So splurge a little on the effects, add some more polygons, maybe some DirectX 9 shaders. Don't worry, we can handle it.Then maybe, just maybe, you could get more than 20 people to buy it.Either that or knock the price down to $5-$10 bucks.That's how much 10-year-old looking games usually go for.

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