World War 2: Frontline Command Demo


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World War 2: Frontline Command Demo:

This is a demo for the latest project by the Bitmap Brothers.

In this demo, you can play one mission which is set in the Netherlands. Your objective is to command a US Army force and to capture a village, which is currently held by the Germans.


World War II: Frontline Command is a squad-based action real time strategy game that captures the heroism of World War II's most significant battles.

As a commander of Allied forces in Europe in the last year of World War II, players enter into combat with the Axis forces and drive the enemy back deep inside its own territory. With a full range of authentic troops and equipment at your disposal, become a master of the battlefield to ensure final victory.


Simple, click and drag controls and user-friendly interface ensures easy "pick up and play" gameplay. Intuitive from the start, WWII: Frontline Command is perfect for the RTS first-timer. Also offers advanced controls and techniques for the experienced player.

Incorporates the Frontline system, which indicates the player's line of sight as well as the morale of the troops. The Unit morale system responds to the horrors and triumphs of war, providing for realistic and dramatic gameplay.

Single player campaign game featuring 25 missions, starting with the initial allied assault on June 6th 1944 and ending at Hitler's lair in mountainous southern Germany. The close of the campaign will see the player pitted against crack German Army units with authentic experimental hardware.

Full 3D environments featuring collapsible buildings, deforming landscapes, fire and smoke effects, excellent water effects.

Adaptive and highly intelligent AI system that allows the enemy to react convincingly to your manoeuvres.

Full basic training area for new players to learn their skills before taking to the field.

Multiplayer support for up to eight players, with the option to play on single player campaign levels or specially designed multiplayer maps

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World War 2: Frontline Command Demo

i like the bitmap brothers, they make good games, but i think they just want to be successful with their old z-steel-soldier engine, a game nobody wanted to buy. so they took the today-popular ww2 setting and thought the success would be garanteed this time.

World War 2: Frontline Command Demo're a fag:[retard1] wow dude, i got 10,000,000 score points on [url removed] holy f**k dude, you're amazin at this game!!!!!111[MrPHO] no, you're a f**king loser who needs to actually LEAVE the computer chair and GO OUTSIDE. the amount of free time you've wasted getting other f**king idiots to click your link, disguised as free porn or whatever could amount to you actually doing something worthwhile with what can only be described as your pathetic little existance. Why doesn't Retard1 and Retard2 meet up in real life, join mr pho's "lets lower the population count" pact, and do us all a f**king favour.your score in these "games" is the amount of friends you've lost since you started playing. congratulations.

World War 2: Frontline Command Demo

Can someone please post about the game? Not if it sucks or not, but tell why it does, bad controls...? Bad AI..? Bad game play..? I rather get some insite from gammers before I download it, but it just seems that there are only idots here...

World War 2: Frontline Command Demo

Ok I downloaded it and I liked what I played..For what I've played, this game is great.UpsidesDecent graphics, not the best, but good, takes abit to run though. Didnt run 100% on my AMD 1800 with a Radeon, but fine enough for my taste.Great mix of simple actions and complex actions. Able to just point and click, but with the right mouse button, you can bring up a whole slew of new options, like formation, tell your troops to run, cralw, and walk. Tell them to enter buildings for a good defensive point.Great and interesting gameplay, I thought I had the first part of the mission beat, I had a few houses held, untill you could hear from a distance some bombers coming, well a good few of the house I had blew up, damn bombers. Then tanks came in a finished me up, then I got some reinforcements, and just a good long shoot out. Lots of fun.Multiplayer...? From what megagames says, there is singlemulti, meaning get to play the single player campain with friends. If this is true its a good buy. Having the ability to the single missions with friends makes it alot more fun. For the demo, it was hard controlling all the fronts in a small village. More then one brain helps ;). Reminds me of the days of Starcraft where more then one player can control the same side.Sounds.. Decent...DownsidesGraphics and sounds not the best, but I dont think this is some major big time company like Blizzard or Westwood... For what I've seen, I will go out and get it. But what I look for is this thing called FUNFACTOR... IS IT FUN...? Most people these days seem to like games just for graphics..? I still dont know why..?AI seems alittle bit off sometimes.. but no one makes a perfect game...Anonymousat 9:26 20/4/2003, I agree, things do happen abit to fast to keep up with it, but thats why singlemulti would be so much fun... Teamwork and a good challange, don't get that very often...Not much more I can put down on the game for

World War 2: Frontline Command Demo

-what I played...All together, this game is alot of fun, sure its another WW2 game, but they do a good job with damage and gameplay, unlike games where a tank fires 20 shots at a soldier just to kill him. Most of your men get taken down in 2 shots, its great! This makes it so its not just a mass rush kinda game, its puts the strategy back into RTS :). It also makes it easy for starters, and keeps the RTS players happy too. Very fun game....If anyone wants to agree or have some other comments, such as bugs, or errors they found please post...... ABOUT THE GAME None of this "I AM NUMBER ONE!" "yooo this game sucks!!! it scuks and do'nt download it it sucks " and if you think it sucks, explain.. dont just view the screen shots and say "ehhh"....

World War 2: Frontline Command Demo

Sorry but I have an issue signing up at File Planet and paying for demos which I think should be free. If I wanted to pay for it, I'd buy the damn game instead of the demo. Why pay for a game twice??You can download it for free at:[url removed]

World War 2: Frontline Command Demo

hello friendsthe sits is very good ,we find a lot of cheat codes,but when i visited the site today and the date is 09 may 2003 but the date shown on the screen is 18 apr 2003. plz update immideatly.regaurding the game demo cant we download the game ? if "S" plz mail me back with the website details.byeansari.


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