X Motor Racing Beta Demo


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X Motor Racing is an auto simulator with next generation physics model.

The high speed on highway, offroad obstacles, side slip need for car handling skills.

There are highway ring roads, bridges, narrow sections, banked road surfaces, steep descents and ascents, springboards, wet asphalt, puddles, stone heaps, dirt and sand.

The driving strategy includes such aspects as acceleration and braking, oversteer and understeer, weight transfer, tyre friction and slip angle, road surface.

The features

- 3D wheel simulation - the next step of auto simulator evolution. It's possible to make ring and offroad races;
- real-time tuning of most of the physics model parameters;
- there are no limits on the track movement;
- flow and viscous mediums such as dirt, puddles, sands etc;
- using a wide array of camera options;
- effective replays.

The customizable car physics parameters

- body and wheel mass, centre of mass, weight distribution;
- aerodynamic and hydrodynamic parameters;
- steering angle;
- brake force and balance;
- engine power and horsepower curve;
- suspension and clearance;
- differential gear, clutch, driving gear;
- tyre friction model and tyre parameters for each surface.

Graphics engine supports

- Shader Model 2.0/3.0;
- TrueHDR;
- Bumpmapping/Normalmapping;
- Realtime reflection/refraction;
- Stencil shadows;
- Motion blur.

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X Motor Racing Beta Demo

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