fMSX-PSP v3.1.2


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fMSX-PSP is a port of the fMSX emulator to the PlayStation Portable platform. It is based on version 3.1 of fMSX and should run on any PSP with firmware 1.50 in user mode (if you have luck running it on another firmware revision [with or without a special tool], drop me a line).

The emulator uses GU (Graphical Utility Toolkit) for rendering and runs at 100% speed for most games.

Changes in 3.1.2:

* Added support for cartridge type selection in the System menu. This adds support for games like Zanac Ex, which are not detected correctly
* Preliminary ZIP file support. Emulator will load ROM or DSK files from a ZIP file, provided there's only a single compressed file per ZIP. System ROM's must still be uncompressed (or GZip compressed)
* GZip file support - emulator will load cartridges and disk images from .gz compressed files. Save states are also much smaller in size
* GUI changes, wording changes