XMAME V0.61.1


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The Unix/X11 port for MAME(Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator) has been updated with the followings:

Almost everything from MAME 0.61 and MESS 0.61.2.
The mouse cursor is now hidden in OpenGL fullscreen mode. (Craig Servin)
Applied a patch for FreeBSD to unix/video-drivers/svgainput.c. (Stijn Hoop)
Applied the NetMAME 0.5 patch, which adds a new option, -parallelsync, which should allow games to work without lag at network latencies of up to 16 milliseconds. (Steve Freeland)
Added support for Linux on the Playstation 2. (Joan Sarah Touzet)

Fixed a problem in the ALSA 0.9 driver with setting the sample rate on SB128 soundcards. (Stephen Anthony)

Fixed a bug in unix/devices.h that prevented compilation on non-X11 platforms.
Fixed the register constraints in cpu/i8085/i8085cpu.h so that cpu/i8085/i8085.c can build for x86 using gcc-3.1 with -O3. This change was missed in the MAME 0.61 release.
Fixed multiple definition warnings in the psikyosh driver.
Increased the size of the buffer used to display history. (Steve Fewell)
Modified unix/fronthlp.c so that it flushes its output more often to aid frontends. (Shadow Walker)
Changed unix/video-drivers/xfx.c to be more frontend-friendly. (Benoit Dumont)
Added support for the SDL joystick driver. (Yang Hyun) You can now specify a config subdirectory name using -cfgname/-cn. This is useful for creating an alternate configuration. (Benoit Dumont)
Added a "waveout" DSP plugin which redirects sound to a file using Microsoft's PCM WAVE format. The file name can be specified with the "-audiodevice" switch and defaults to "xmameout.wav". (Donald King)

Added support for showing average frames per second when quitting. Also added support for the -frames_to_run/-ftr switch.
Added Xv hardware scaling support! To enable, uncomment the line reading "X11_XV = 1" in the makefile and use the -xvext/-xv switches (and possibly the -yuv switch). (Alastair Robinson)
An X11 build can now grab the keyboard to bypass window managers. Use -grabkeyboard/-gkb to activate and/or the ALT + PGUP keypress to toggle it on/off. (Gerd Sussner)
The code for finding the best X11 visual now checks in descending order of bit depth. This is to work around a bug/feature in the latest NVidia drivers. (Gerd Sussner)
Fixed a problem in the DGA2 driver that could lead to scrambled colors with an i830MG video card in 24bpp mode. (Eric Brunet, Shyouzou Sugitani)
The SDL target's -listmodes switch now operates before attempting to load a game. (Shadow Walker)

If xmame is iconified in IRIX, it will automatically pause ("boss hanging around mode"). (Andrea Suatoni)

Added a switch to force yv12 mode in the Xv driver; made improvements to the yv12 code. (Eric Brunet)
Xmame should now build "out of the box" for FreeBSD. Note that for the SDL target, you may have to set the SDL_CONFIG flag in the makefile. (Stijn Hoop)