4x4 Evolution 2


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3 Cheats, 1 Fix, 1 Trainer available for 4x4 Evolution 2, see below

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open the metal ini...then go to where it says team.....But a team name that is listed in the game there....[url removed]

change teamsGo to the meatel file and scrool down to the "team:" and put in any team to join then save it.

Stink At Driving?during gameplay type GOLDFINGER then ICANTDRIVE, itll do the whole race for you usually gets 1st or 2nd place

Go to c:/program files/Terminal Reality/4x4 Evo2/system/metal - or wherever you installed the game and open it. Then search for "cash" there you will find a code like the ones below "

e.g., cash:hmG2Vjd1yCx0JGtR6R3cPqjb."Then choose ONLY the code and delete it.After that write one of the codes below depending on how much money you want.



Get 1,000,000 any time you want.go to C:Program FilesTerminal Reality4x4 Evo2systemmetal.iniEdit the first cash= to cash=CHpKQu6NUaerWWffsK7vcY4

UNLOCK ALL MISSIONS:press T and type goldfinger, then type missionimpossible. this unlocks all of the missions in career

for all missions type goldfinger then type missionimpossible without leaving a space and all missions will be available

While playing in single player type in goldfingergivememoneordie to get 1,000,000 money 1 millionAnd second cheat is, type goldfingericantdrive while playing anywhere

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