Dark Age of Camelot


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2 Cheats, 2 Editorials available for Dark Age of Camelot, see below

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this cheat is wicked type /im a cheaterin then wait u will grow up a level each time u put this cheat in

Type in "/y I aM A CHeAT". This will give you faster health regeneration during battle and give your hits 25 more damage. Be sure to type this in with the correct caps and lowercases.

Type in /die this will keep you from having to restore con after deaths, and will give you an insta-rez upon death

For insta level 50, type /idiot and your brain should become smaller if you believe any of the retarded cheats already posted here. that never did, and never will work

There ARENT any current cheats for DAoC :/ so stop sending in your BullShit fakeass cheats... THX

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