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3 Fixes, 1 Cheat available for MediEvil, see below

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on 'Return to the Graveyard', run onto the bridge and wait to collapse.when a coffin passes by on the river jump on the coffin and on the left hand side after the tunnel are all resources.

defeat second boss, I have a better way to beat the boss and it envolves using the hammer. If you use the hammer the dogs will die quicker because the hammes is much more powerful than the sword.

Cheat Mode PAL VersionPause the game hold L2 and press Down Up Square Triangle Triangle Circle Down Up Square Triangle.

For the 2nd boss Steven Baines said to use the small sword but i find it easier to use the crossbow just keep an eye on which dog will appear and shoot like hell

At sleeping village:Just like with the hands in the Graveyard, kill the mice and recieve 2 gold pieces.


if you get scared easily, i recommend you don't play this at night. i mean there are cypts, and some zombies coffins pop out of nowhere. what's scarier then this game is the poke'mon tower in those poke'mon games.

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