NHL 2002


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10 Fixes, 3 Cheats available for NHL 2002, see below

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Get NHL Cards Easier:Play at home with team U.S.A. or team canada and play ether Atlanta, or vancouver.If you do that, you would probably get 15 credits a game. COOL ISN'T IT?

to earn the dream team you have to beat all the teams even the all-stars and the national teams

Makes a team suck foreverGo to custom teams and then go to to a good teampress shiftF5And the team will suck

when you're going in to take a shot, aim towards the side that you are on in respect to the goalie. you then have a 1 third chance of making a goal.

Get Good PlayersDuring a season, trade for players within 3 points overall differance.Do it until you get the player you want. THis does not work for goalies, and for some defencemen.


Can someone get me the game and put it in the mailbox of my house at 91 gregory drive west and put a note with is that says to james and il leave 69.00 for your nice conveinience


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hey is'nt there more cheats for nhl 2002 becuse there should be more cheats then the game would be more fun i'll play the game more. ps: i hope there is more cheats


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