RollerCoaster Tycoon

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To get a lot of money close your park for a year , then there should be a man in a leather or blue suit he should give you one million dollars.

yo yo yo gameing world,build your own scenario, and make the water acid green. build jet skis. make the exit very long and see what happens This will automaticly give you 100,000,000

Guest with unlimited moneyTo make a guest with unlimited money name any guest "BigBucks" Now, that guest will have unlimited money.

MAKE A LOT OF MONEYClick on a ride, press pause, press the red lightto close the ride twice, then re-open it, press pause again.

get the oblivion and nemises and new amazing rides get 100000000000000000000 hire 20 handy men and call them all ien 1 and have it all


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