Temple of Elemental Evil

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type in LEVELUP in caps. type into the console. You must have pacth 2 to acces the console. This will level-up every charecter in your party :-.

Roll 1-99 times and go where you can move the stats around. Between the 1st and 2nd or 2nd/3rd square where the stats are and you will find that the nr 1-99 will show up.

Install Patch2. Run "C:Program FilesAtariTemple of Elemental EvilToEE.exe" - console Then start a game press Shift To open console. Enter this game.party[0].moneyadj300000000

Get past enemys easy by getting one person in your groups hide to 13 and you will be the first to attack in any battle.

Key:- XX = Number of party - eg. First = 0, Second = 1, etc.YYY = strength, dexterity, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, or charisma.ZZZ = number you wish to make the stat

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