Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


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Create ShotCut add -console after vampire.exe code:impulse 101 : All weapopns and Ammogod : invicible noclip : notargetmaps : show mapslist

Start the game with the "-console 1" command line parameter. Press [] tilde while playing and type any of the following codes.

give itemw - Spawn Weapon scroll up/down to choose give itemp - Spawn Artifact/Book scroll up/down to choose give itemg - Spawn Item scroll up/down to choose

give itema - Spawn Clothing scroll up/down to choose give itemm - Spawn Money Item scroll up/down to choose notarget - Enemies Dont See You

take up the consolegiftxp 1000 you get 1000 exp points in your pool writedebuginfiniteammo 2 you dont need to reload your gunblood 100 you get infinite bloodgod 1/0 you are in GodMode

Ad -console to your exe Eg: "C:Vampire - Bloodlinesvampire.exe" -console use "" tilder key to open consoleGod = GodmodeGiftXP = Give the ammount of XP specified

make a shortcut of vampire.exe and type -applaunch 220 -dev toconsole=load the game and press to bring down the console then type god for ulimited lifeimpulse 101 for all weapons and ammo

add "-console"example "E:Program FilesActivisionVampire - Bloodlinesvampire.exe" -consoleGOD-god modeGIVE ITEM-then scroll from the selection given

Enable-ing the CONSOLEOpen the shortcut on the desktop. Write the directory of the game, but put it in ", and after it write -Console 1 .Example - "C:GamesVampireGame.exe" -Console 1

Sart the game with the parameter "-console". Than press in the game ESC and than . Tahn give in GOD and you are uninvirebale.

In Game press "enter" and write ilikeblood - infinite health supervamp - infinite magic ammovamp - give all weapons isuckyourbloodbitch - 999,999

This is just a small add to the one above. If you want to fill all the stats up, just fill them in and press auto-add. That way you dont need to care about the left over point, as they will disappear.

You can spend all asap...Than you should click to spend points automaticly and then it will spend all even if it has nowhere to spend it.

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