MegaGames Team

Harsha Jayasekera - Founder & Editor in Chief
Founded MG in July 1998 as a hobby and still continues to run the site as a hobby. He handles the overall site management including the sites content & servers.

Filip Szymczak – Senior Editor
Joined MG in 1999 when he was a world famous game hacker (shadowRUNNER). Maintains the site Fixes & Trainers sections.

Ahmed Al Sayed – Chief News Editor
Joined MG in 2007, he is the lead editor responsible for maintaining all the News sections on MG.

Jon Martindale – Senior Editor
With many years of experience in the video gaming industry, Jon is co-responsible for maintaining News and Editorials on MG.

Amit Kumar – Forums Admin
Joined MG in 2001 to run the MegaGames Forums. A senior member of the BestBuy Geek Squad.

Mohamed Marzouk – Senior Editor
Joined MG in 2008, maintains Demos, Patches, Freeware, Emulators & Videos sections.

Bartek Pasiak – Editor
Bartek is co-responsible for maintaining the Mods, Cheats, Fixes & Trainers sections.

Aaron Craig – Lead Programmer
A Professor at University of Florence, was responsible for migrating the MG content management system to a state-of-the-art platform.

Shawn Huang – Programmer
An avid Drupal enthusiast and a systems admin, Shawn manages the ongoing site programming work.