Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts - Europe At War v6.1.4 Patch


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AI bug on grille fixed Fixed radio detector crashes Enabled ToV campaings Removed occlusion colors Tanks & AT guns rebalanced New Rangers squad in coop mission "op.neptune" Increased damage from 88's, pak40, pak43 vs churchills and pershing --==v6.1.3==-- New Ju-52 animated model New win condition - Annihilate (with POW)- IMPORTANT - USE ONLY ON SINGLE PLAYER GAMES, the game crash on multiplayer. New Win condition - Annihilate (NoPopCap) Added surrender mod New US tank commander skins New M8 scott skins --==v6.1.2==-- Added new airborne system (paradrops from planes) Added new Dfs230 Glider to luftwaffe Now the butterfly bombs are dropped from aircraft Now the propaganda war are dropped from aircraft

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