Mount and Blade: Warband - Rome at War v2.3 Music DLC

Rome at War v2.3 Music DLC


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Introduction:Rome at War is a Third Century B.C. themed Multiplayer Mod (with SP in alpha stage) develloped for Mount and Blade Warband V. 1.154 featuring five factions,a couple of new maps and music files. Features: - 5 Historically accurate factions, Romani (Romans), Gallia (Gauls), Koinon Hellenon (Greek League), Makedonia (Macedonians), Samnium (Samnites) - Custom Maps - Dozens of Weapons/armors/shields - New animations. Music DLC For weaker PC could be a big problem so it is separated from the mod files by default but if your PC could handle it then feel free to use and enjoy with it. music DLC should be pasted here Modules\RaW 2.3

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