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Now that we know that the Doom movie will not make a summer release, the producers have decided to keep us all wondering about it by releasing a steady stream of in-movie images. This is part of a strange choice of tactics by the people behind the movie and one which further adds to the confusion surrounding the game-to-movie adaptation.

Thanks to our friends at, we have three additional Doom movie images, showcasing the marines in action. In one image you can also get a sneak preview of the movie version of the minigun. To view all the in-movie images follow the screens tab above.

There is very little substantial information coming out from Hollywood regarding movie details. Some information released by The Rock, earlier this year, had hinted at a large move from the game storyline and had cause fan uproar. Now some sources claim the movie may be based on Mars and feature the marines fighting demons after all but the evidence is conflicting. For those of you still confused we include the full letter from
Dave Callaham, writer on the Doom movie, released late last year for the benefit of Doom movie fans. If read thoroughly the letter does seem to put to rest any suggestion that the movie will end up being similar to the video game.

Sometime in the last week or two, there was quite an uproar over a quote I allegedly made regarding my bravado in completely disfiguring the plot of the Doom games when I went about writing the screenplay for the film. First and foremost, allow me to state that I never made that quote. The reporting news source reported that I made that quote during an open press visit to the Doom set in Prague, during a week in which I was in fact in Los Angeles. Additionally, I want to add that I would never under any circumstances address either the press or the Doom fans with anything resembling the snide elitism that I perceive that quote to connote. In these regards, I consider the journalism involved to be nothing less than shoddy and irresponsible.

The screenplay I wrote DOES differ in a number of ways from the games. I want to be very honest and forthcoming in saying that, and I know that I won't make any friends amongst the fans of the game in doing so. But it should be mentioned that it was never the goal of anyone involved in this film, from myself and the producers to the studio to the guys at id, to make a direct film adaptation of the game(s). The thought process has always been to create an extension of the Doom universe that will give fans an interesting new take on the themes that they've come to enjoy in the game. Because let's be honest here: as far as a completely immersive and cinematic experience, we were never going to top Doom 3 anyway, and we all knew that. Instead, we have toyed with some elements of the game, and yes, I am pretty much solely responsible for that, since it was my pitch and my screenplay that got made. Let me assure you, though, that the themes and elements that you love about Doom are ALL represented strongly in the film...just with some new twists.

[[Doomed Too Late]]

The latest news from the Doom movie set may bring some hope to fans of the game, as the launch date is no longer August 5th. In a sudden burst of news we find out how Carmack will find his way into the picture and get some details of another Doom related movie and hear from Doom's writer himself.

If The Rock didn't manage to confuse you with his various Doom movie comments, the latest news most probably will. Universal Pictures updated their website, quietely, changing the theater date to 21 October, 2005. Gone is the blockbuster summer slot and in comes speculation regarding a Halloween promotional release. Some of the half-full Doom fans are hoping that this delay may be a reaction to the, rather intense, criticism of the movie from Doom fans and may indicate that the creators decided to take some extra time in order to tweak the movie.

Although the possibility that the movie producers would delay a release in order to please gamers is there, it is more likely that marketing reasons may be behind the delay.
A few of the more cynical fans claim that Universal decided that Land of the Dead, George Romero's new horror flick is the only scary blockbuster they have and decided to devote the entire summer to that movie's release not wanting to dilute horror fan interest.

Doom writer Dave Callaham, also decided to speak-up and in an interview and his comments regarding the storyline will give a lot of Doom fans a nasty premonition about the movie.

According to Mr. Callaham, Karl Urban will play John the Space Marine who, along with his unit, will either be stationed in or teleported to a research base on an unknown planet. He will be reunited with his sister; a scientist on the base named Samantha (Rosamund Pike) and will fight against other humans that have been infected by a virus, for survival. The virus will, much like the Doom movie, be a marvel of Hellish bio-engineering. Callaham also claims that John and his sister will have their own family issues which they will work out through the movie. According to Callaham, The Rock will appear as the head space marine but he warns ...he is not going to be smiling a whole bunch. You won't see him raise his left eyebrow... He won't Be Cool.

According to the latest news, the producers of the Doom movie have worked a few iD staff names into the script and moviegoers will therefore witness the oddly named Dr. Carmack Imp and a couple of Dr. Willits'.

Finally Showtime, of all producers, has announced plans to make a bio-pic movie based on Masters of Doom, the 2003 released how it all got started book on Doom developer id Software. The executive producer and scriptwriter for the movie is Naren Shankar, who currently is an executive producer on CBS's crime show CSI and has written scripts for shows like The Outer Limits and Farscape. The book followed iD's first steps from the perspective of its two creators, master programmer John Carmack and designer John Romero. There is no word yet on when Showtime plans to start production on the movie.

If that is not enough to scare you stay tuned for more Doom movie news as we get it.

[[Doom Movie First Image]]

The Rock has revealed extensive details regarding the upcoming Doom movie and his part in it while the first image from the Doom motion picture has surfaced on German movie website, The image proves that The Rock wasn't lying when he claimed to be The One (see below). In the image Mr. Johnson's character, Sarge, stands at the point of an arrow of marines which includes Karl Urban as Grimm, in a not so prominent position. The more observant among you may notice some form of space ship in the background and the fact that The Rock seems to be holding a much bigger weapon than his comrades. Follow the Screens tab above for the full-size image or visit the image on

Rock Reveals All (Caution: Spoiler Included)

The Rock, during an interview for empire online, has finally revealed his exact part in the Doom movie, I'm playing the commanding officer who, without ruining it for everyone, turns bad, which is great. He laso goes on to say I'm so excited about that movie, I'll tell you why. Number one, it's my first rated-R movie and it's a very unapologetic rated-R movie. Not only that, but the monsters are real, they're not CGI. They're made by Stan Winston who did Jurassic Park and Predator and all that. So the monster's got weight and when they're in a scene they're like Aliens! I get to transform and become, I'm going to tell you this right now, the BMFOTP. Know what that means? It means the baddest mother****** on the planet. Finally the Rock did not mention any Uwe Boll involvement so we remain hopeful.

The Daily Show Secrets 2/8/05

The Rock confirms that the Doom movie is in post-production, hints that his Sarge is the star and pleases everyone by triumphantly announcing the first big-screen appearance of the BFG.

In an appearance on the Daily Show with John Stewart last night, Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), was cornered into answering some Doom questions. The movie star, there to promote his latest movie Be Cool, was repeatedly asked about future projects and admitted that the Doom movie has now completed shooting and is in post production and expected to be in U.S. theatres by August 2005. The Rock will also be starring in the SpyHunter game-to-movie effort.

The Rock was quick to hint that his character, currently known as Sarge will be the leading character by unleashing an enigmatic, I'm the one statement. In most references to the movie, actor Karl Urban of LoTR, Riddick and Bourne Supremacy notoriety, is mentioned as the lead and is billed as John Grimm. According to the plot, a Special Ops squadron, led by Grimm, answers a distress call from a science lab on the planet Olduvai (not Mars), their investigation reveals that a series of mutant beings are systematically killing off the population there.

It is rumored that The Rock's Sarge character will be a member of the team and his character seems vague enough to be the nameless marine of the game. Mr. Johnson however, seems happy to spread confusion as in other interviews he has hinted that his role may include that of the leader of hell. Oddly enough, he has also suggested that his evil side will be a surprise in the movie, so he is either ruining the premise or simply trying to confuse everyone even further.

The director of the movie is the Polish born Andrzej Bartkowiak better known for his cinematography work in movies such as Thirteen Days, The Devil's Advocate and U.S. Marshalls as well as for directing Cradle 2 the Grave. Bartkowiak's name is a stylistic guarantee of sorts although we have to admit we are just happy to see Uwe Boll is in no way associated with the project.

Another detail about the Doom movie revealed by Johnson is that it will be rated R, a relief for fans of the game, concerned by recent rumors claiming that the movie would carry a PG-13 rating.

Finally The Rock also mentioned that the eh... Bio-Force Gun will also appear in the movie and he said he was pleased with the amount of explosions and total devastation present in the movie, claiming it would be enough to keep even the most demanding fans of the game happy.

Following the latest news about the movie we cannot help but become concerned regarding the rushed feeling we are getting about the Doom movie. If shooting is already over and the movie has a planned August 2005 release we may be looking at a world speed record for putting a big budget production together. We are however, still optimistic since our contacts have informed us that Uwe Boll's name is still not appearing anywhere near the credits.

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Doom Movie - More Movie Images

yeah i really can't wait to download this btw check out exeem on torrent saves me money just like constine i'm so glad bit torrents are around. If the movie is good nuff I will go PAY to watch it a second time.

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

I noticed with all you people that a pc game to movie conversion is a huge problem in the gaming community,remember Final Fantasy the spirits within well square soft has been produceing a full feature CGI of final fantasy VII the movie and all the characters look excellent straight from the classic RPG game and it's done in Japan, now with Doom3 and Doom the movie all I can say is the game has been on production for a very long time and has been programmed by lots of people,and if you don't understand the Doom3 plot you could say that the lead scientist was possesed by satan when he went into the porthole for a test run and came back with a different personaliy and planned to take over Mars and claim all the colony base to prepare to take over Earth and make Earth a hellish world for the demons and pretty much the space marine you are playing as get caught in a battle of saving earth from the devil,now a movie of doom is what I call a waste of 2 cents of an idea that James Cameron made with ALIENS,having demons attacking from hell and stopping them is very original for doom and I fully stick to that plot,if Mr Carmack wants to f**k up 4 years of hard work on a pc game to sell the title to a movie company he's gonna start loosing devoted fans of his creation and ideas because he betrayed pc gamers.anyway that's my opinion.

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

i think all gamers should start thinking seriously about boycotting all game movies. f**k em... just download it till they get the point..pros:the rock... actually kinda fitting. oh and he's not exactly wesley snipes black... lol.. give that shit a break.karl urban... good choice. y? bcuz i can picture him really fighting demons in hell.. that's y.cons:just about everything else.bfg? bio force gun? somebody shoot me. u guys really aren't putting all this together about the bfg... remember what it was like in doom 1&2? it was a giant green blob that you shot in a gigantic open space.. u watched it fly slowly through the air far far away.. you immediately got behind a wall.. because everything in line of sight would be destroyed. now.. remember what those bitches turned it into in doom 3? a modified plasma gun.. that's about it. didn't do shit. remember the rox in doom 3? they sounded like cap me, it stopped being cool after doom 2. and what about quake? how many more times are they going to f**k up that storyline? and keep in mind.. quake 1 was.. was the real doom 3. this other one that came out last fall should have been called 'lick my pussy'.. lolnot mars? not earth? why does mars have importance? because it's so close to earth! bcuz it's had a 'nightmarish' and 'mysterious' quality throughout all human history.. the f**king god of war was named after it.... so not mars? just some random planet in deep space? ya i'd say that changes the feel of the whole story just a little...not demons? not the lords of hell? not fighting the very things that all evil represents? it seems to me that a meager virus doesn't really fit into the same category as 'pure evil'... and if you think it's a reasonable exception just bcuz

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

also... did you notice that doom 3 had no real giant open spaces full of demons like doom 1&2 did? remember that great feeling you got when you saw an army of demons coming at you from far away? well this movie won't have that either.facts of life:hollywood doesn't give a shit about us.

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

I loved all Final Fantasy games and i thought that movie (final fantasy) was pretty cool. About this movie.. your incencit ranting wont stop anything they are doing to this movie so quit bitching about for f**k sakes. I mean sure 'The Rock' is an okay actor and like some people said they are only using the name.. it doesnt have anything to do with the game... just like FF. geez you people get overwhlemed and overexcited over the dumbest shit. you know that you all will go and see it whether you posted a stpid response like

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

they don't give a shit now. but i think it's slowly starting to dawn on them. i think peoples reaction to the shitty starwars movies may have had a slight effect on them. unfortunately hollywood is only truly loyal to all the bleeding heart 'righteous' christian mothers out there that bitch and moan when a movie is

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

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Doom Movie - More Movie Images

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Doom Movie - More Movie Images

To anonymous 2 below me. You do zero research, you think you can sit and watch tv and that will tell you everything. Here's a suggestion, open up a history book and EDUCATE YOURSELF. Find out what political correctness IS REALLY all about.You really are a media brainwashed unintelligent little weasel. JEWS REALLY DO RUN EVERYTHING. YOU WILL NOT FIND ANSWERS IN NEWSPAPERS OR ON TV, DUMBASS.

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

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Doom Movie - More Movie Images

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Doom Movie - More Movie Images

lol...oh you didn't answer the points i brought up. you just stated a few jews i already new about. totally denying the fact that i brought up that there ARE non-jews that hold relevant power. and btw, wolfowitz was just made head of the world bank. and i know all about him. probably more than you seeing as how all you mentioned about him was what just now happened and (excuse me...lololol) you probably watched it off cnn,msnbc,fox,hnn,etc...two. other than just a very very small amount of FACTUAL info, your post was purely full of angry and childish personal attacks. all i will say to that is... grow up.three. this is about doom, which i've already mentioned. not about your half c**ked ideas about world domination. go to a conscpiracy website and post this shit. we're here for doom and nothing more. thank you... have a fine day.

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

i feel my last post addresses your new one just as well as your previous one. furthermore... i feel you have only helped to prove ALL of my points yet again. thank you.if charles is done ranting, can we talk about doom now? anyone got any more info on it?

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

What a convincing cast of marines . . . a bunch of middle age yuppie actors. I guess their goal is to rescue the coffee machine held hostage by the resident evil, er, I mean Doom monsters. Watch out for the ferocious stapler; as it has been taken over by an evil virus that can transform anything into anything.I have no doubt that this movie will be of the same quality as the cheap syndicated sci-fi shows we see on TV, like Andromeda, the Lost World, and Highlander. Look forward to many bulky, plastic monsters with fake drool and tomato paste blood attacking the main characters with clumsy, bulky movements. Also, be prepared for a lack of detailed, panoramic rooms and landscapes that evoke awe in favor of small, dark hallways that are void of any imagination. And finally, expect the focus of the movie to be on personal disputes between team members than on the actual fight against monsters. These are the hallmarks of cheap sci-fi shows.The problem here is that the director saw that those stupid Doom books defined the monsters as out of control alien mutants and took it a step farther. This plot has absolutely no uniqueness or fresh appeal. The only way to go is to stay true to the game, which defined the monsters as demons coming from an open gate to hell. Let the movie tap into the supernatural thriller that the game aims to be. But noooooo, that would make too much sense. Just reduce a perfectly good plot into a cheap C-rated horror flick. Brilliant.I don't even think that this movie will reach the theaters. First stop, the back wall of your local video rental store!

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

I can't BELEIVE the DOOM name has been sullied buy getting the f**king ROCK to star in this movie.What in GODS name where they SNORTING?!?!?!?I thought ID would have some sort of self respect for thier intelectual property.Motherf**kers

Doom Movie - More Movie Images

Yeah the picture is fake there is a light going straight through the rocks left arm and some of the other guys look like they dont belong or their pic was taken outside of that studio and whats up with the stealth bomber in the background


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