Doom Movie New Trailer


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The producers of the Doom movie have released a new trailer which should appeal to gamers. New extensive footage from the FPS sequence is included as well as a look at some of the monsters and the BFG in action.

The new footage released by Universal Pictures provides a clearer picture of the movie's structure. We are introduced to the entire team of tough marines (Rapid Response Tactical Squad) sent to Mars to deal with the problem that has caused scientific research station Olduvai to send out a distress signal.

The footage includes images of the famous Doom 3-like corridors which should convince gamers that the producers did use Doom 3 as a design reference while the weapons will also seem familiar to most fans of the game. We also get to see some of the monsters that have made the game-to-movie transition and extensive FPS footage. In the first person sequence, we see a machine-gun and a chainsaw used as well as some infra-red scoping.

Although visually the movie seems great we will also have to put up with quite a few comments such as ...eliminate with extreme prejudice..., time... and the rather confusing ...we're going in hot... no prizes for guessing who gets the lion's share of these phrases.

To view the new Doom movie trailer, follow the download tab above.

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Doom Movie New Trailer

what the hell is this? It's a film in 1st person perspective and constantly switching in and out of views? If that's going to be a full length film i can imagine it'll bore the fk out of me and dissapoint alot of people.The weapon shown in 1st person perspective also bobs abit too well, i predict this film will blow. :(

Doom Movie New Trailer

I give it a 50-50 chance.We've all seen how game movies, no matter how great the game is, can turn into doodoo (Resident Evil).The trailer looks ok, however.At least it seems faithful to the game's storyline.


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