End of Nations ‘Warfront 105’ Trailer


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End of Nations™ is a groundbreaking new MMORTS where you fight monumental battles for global control of a massive, persistent world. Join allies from around the world to bring down the oppressive Order of Nations, or take on the opposing faction in epic battles of over 50 players, where one Commander can impact the ongoing conflict and every victory matters. As your skills and tactical experience grow, you will earn and unlock new units, abilities, and super-weapons to build and customize your ultimate army. Gather your forces, plan your attack, and lead the way to global domination.

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Mighty Meh

MMORTS is a fail no one plays them, no sane person is willing to expend money on something that should be free to play. This seems to be the only industry answer to everything capitalize. All those dirty wieners whine about steam this steam that well have a look at this title and scream momy has an outty.

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