Half-Life 2 Trap Town Movie


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This is the fourth video for Half Life 2, which shows over three minutes of gameplay from Half Life 2.

Game Description:

The sequel to Half-Life, one of the most popular action games, will feature the return of former Black Mesa research associate Gordon Freeman. In Half-Life 2, Freeman can expect to encounter several characters from the previous game, including Barney the security guard and the mysterious G-man, for whom Freeman now works. Freeman will also meet a new female character, Alyx, whose mother was killed during the events of the original game.


*Character AI interactions change with context. Guards in a prison can use flanking maneuvers and support tactics to take on an alien threat.

*Characters are powered by advanced skeletal animations and ragdoll physics, allowing them to be much more agile and negotiate more complex surroundings.

*Bullets leave their mark on the world, objects, characters - everything!

*The detailed particle system allows for dynamic smoke, fire and other effects filling every scene.

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Half-Life 2 Trap Town Movie

What can I say, this is amazing. Has there ever been an fps where u can drop debris on enemies or barricade a door like that? Blowing up a car to kill zombies!! This game is amazing. The human enemies are smart. The zombies are mindless. (but good mindless AI) Im even more excited about this game.

Half-Life 2 Trap Town Movie

wow...this in game clip was spectacular... although the crowbar effects did look a lot like the first hl, it still looks good, and plus, it's still in developement. but anyways, there is no question that i'm going to buy this game

Half-Life 2 Trap Town Movie

fadarka, if stalker does all that then why isn't it being hyped up in the magazines? true doom3 looks stunning graphically, but the weapons look crap, just like RTCW, the machine seems like it does no damage, and has a boring sound to the firing.sexual, you will only need a 800 mhz processor, its the grahpics that will require more power, so i heard.looks amazing, anyone know when it is out? i heard sep 30, but heard their where delays

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