Nuclear Dawn 'Official' Trailer


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Nuclear Dawn is an upcoming Source Multiplayer game that combines the visceral action of a First Person Shooter with the deep branching gameplay of a Real Time Strategy title.

Forge your own destiny on the field of battle with every tactical decision, and ensure your faction's survival with each headshot, capture buildings and bring the fight to your enemies' strongholds riding the future's machines of destruction.
The world has changed, it has been swept clean by the winds of change. Do you think you can survive it?

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Not another Battlefield game

I rember in 2000 Giant Citzin Kabuto came out and that was the closet thing to a stratagey first person shooter where u have to collect resources. Although there was lots of glitching and the game was unbalanced it still was fun.
I'll belive this game when I see it, it's more than likely rushed and incomplete.

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