"Not A Sequel Or Expansion” Blizzard Announcing New Game At PAX

Blizzard is teasing that it will announce a new game during Boston's Penny Arcade Expo East next month.

"We've been working on a little something, different from our other games, and we're pleased to invite you to be the first to see it," the company wrote in an e-mail sent to the press. "It's not a sequel, expansion or that rumored next-gen MMO, but it's something we're excited for you to get your hands on."

This would be Blizzard’s first non-Diablo, non-StarCraft and non-WarCraft since “The Lost Vikings” was released in 1997. And it is not the company’s top secret next-gen MMO, Project Titan.

It is quite possible that the mystery game would be “Blizzard All-Stars,” a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that was revealed as a StarCraft II custom map during Blzzcon 2010 before evolving to a standalone project.

Blizzard All-Stars was originally named “Blizzard DotA” before Valve won a copyright dispute over that term.

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Blizzard has to make new games because they tarnished all there AAA titles. Diablo 3 - You destroyed an amazing game, utterly ******* dropped the ball LARGE WoW - Milking that ***** for ALL its worth. Starcraft 2 (it was good... till it became old and repetative) all in all blizzard has not made anything new or innovative in over a decade, there loosing shares, there loosing customers left right and center, why you think they're porting D3 to ps3/4? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY BOMBED LARGE AND NEED TO FIND MORE $$$$


Maybe you should restructure whatever it is you actually wrote there, all I made sense out of it was - you feel they owe you. D3 is great, but wait people want to compare it to D2 and original/hellfire? WoW is dead to me, but when I do play it is enjoyable still. SC2 is a great game still, maybe once again you are just comparing things to much? From what I see you need to get out doors more often so you actually enjoy your time in the games instead of developing this attitude where nothing is good enough for you, I mean think about it "Breathing was good, till it became old and repetitive". Also blizzard is split into different groups so you can't say "why you think they're porting D3 to PS3/4? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY BOMBED LARGE AND NEED TO FIND MORE $$$$" you would be incorrect, also it's a company so why wouldn't it be trying to make money?

OMG A NEW TITLE??? I thought

OMG A NEW TITLE??? I thought Blizzard started a game then sold it, and then got people to keep paying for it as "expensions" so that once the game has came to the end of its lifespan, a comsumer has paid about 10 times for the final game which they should have got at first anyway.

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