In Alien: Isolation, technology won't save you

The original Alien movie might have looked futuristic back when it was released in 1979, but today its glut of CRT monitors and monochromatic screens look ancient. However, it's a very stylised world that really lends itself to the franchise, because unlike modern movies where technology seems to do half the job of the lead character, in Alien, technology can't really help you and that's something the creators of Alien: Isolation, really wanted to focus on.

Take the motion tracker, it's big and heavy, meaning you can't hold a weapon at the same time as it. It also only shows you a 2D map in-front of you and then only movement. There's no motion trackers or infrared cameras throughout the ship to help you, there's no combat support robots or weapon caches on every corner. No turrets that pop down from the ceiling - just the potential for a cargo loading exo-skeleton. Please let there be an exoskeleton.

To make sure that they stayed faithful to this ideal, Creative Assembly, the guys behind the Total War series and now this new Alien property, made a house-rule that the game could feature nothing that couldn't have been built on the original set. And it shows.

Everything in the trailers and screenshots showed so far has been chunky, not-particularly user friendly and far from effective against stopping an alien menace.

What do you guys think of how the game is shaping up? I have to admit, I'm getting very excited for its release.

Alien Isolation is set for release on October 7th, on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

[Thanks Gamespot]

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It is by Sega. They ruined the aliens and predator video game franchise. 50 dollars for AVP (5-6 hours of gameplay), and that is if you beat the game with all three races.


Sounds like the original AvP except without the fun stuff, like combat. There was a tracker, 2D, told you fuckas was near by but you didn't know what level. Aliens would come from anywhere & never relent. You could hear them but not know where they're coming from because they could come from all angles. You could hear the face huggers & it was terrifying because if you got too close & it got you, you were fucked. I used to be so scared & stressed playing it. Too scared to play sometimes even. That mah nuccas, was a fuckin' game. Predator backed into a corner trying to hide, trying to get the energy for the cannon recharged high enough to make the next move forward while they just keep coming & coming & not knowing what you'll run into when you do finally balls up to go ahead. Predator had a grappling hook that worked so titties too. That game had it all, crazy scares, dread, combat, maneuverability. This thing is another Amnesia or Outlast. Impossible & ridiculous limitations placed on the player to force them to run & hide. I think I've had enough of that, honestly. They're tolerable for the 4-6 hours or so that they last, but if this thing is supposed to be a full length game, it better have something special up it's sleeve, otherwise I couldn't justify breaking away from Carmageddon: Reincarnation to bother even installing it.

Another example, predator

Another example, predator tech. Which is in the same universe. Predator tech looks "industrial" but visual appeal is just that, visual. In that universe, tech isnt made to look organic, its made to look industrial but it doesnt really matter, predators still kick arse because the tech gives them what they need. And yes, we still dont have military tech made public with a wide range of visual scanners on a single device within a head mounted display and with enviromental stablizers and covered by a dead serious facial mask. The tech demonstrated in these movies isnt ancient, its just different and way more advanced. Another example, the holographic projections of prometheus. Compared to the human holographic tech of the humans in the movie, it looks terrible but guess what, its lasted thousands of years, its still working and it records everything on the ship and it replays it everywhere on that ship while humans have to carry around prerendered and recorded holographic cubes around. If you ask me, I take the promethean way and forget about those silly cubes..

Technology is the only thing

Technology is the only thing that has saved everyone in the alien franchise, that paired with a set of ovaries and wits. Where would Ripley be without tape, flashlight and pump action shotgun rifle with a grenade launcher? I think the game will be fun from a story and jump horror shots point of view. We never actually got a horror game that reflected the first movie. Military tech doesnt use flimsy plastic designs because a button is easy to repair, a touch screen isnt. We still dont have sonar radar on the go, 2d or not. Crt,s are better than lcds, leds, plasma and what not and if you think otherwise you have no idea about the tech involved or utility projections.

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