Everything There Is To Know About PlayStation 4 Launch Games

For your convenience, here is everything we know till now about PlayStation 4 launch games.

1 - Killzone Shadow Fall (Guerilla Games)
The latest title in the famous First Person Shooter (FPS) series is not shy about using PS4's powerful CPU and GPU to render its huge cityscape, giant explosions and spectacular particle effects.

2 - inFAMOUS: Second Son (Sucker Punch)
inFAMOUS: Second Son is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Not much is known about it yet, but we know that it revolves around the Big Brother society brought about by technology and the ubiquity of surveillance-enabling devices such as security cameras and smartphones.

3 - Deep Down (Capcom)
A new IP by Capcom, Deep Down takes place in a medieval world.

4 - DriveClub (Evolution Studios)
A squad-based racing game with emphasis on obsessive level of detail. The vehicles in DriveClub are highly detailed, individual fiber variations in the seat upholstery are modeled in 3D so that it reflects light in a realistic manner.

5- Destiny (Bungie)
Destiny has already been announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. during last night's event, Bungie promised exclusive content to PlayStation owners.

6- The Witness (Jonathan Blow)
Developed by Braid creator, Jonathan Blow, The Witness is a first person open world puzzle game. Instead of creating the largest possible open world, Blow chose to create a compact one where every object is meaningful and intractable. Extra attention was paid to removing all unneeded time-wasting activities such as lengthy walks pushing boulders. Even so, The Witness still boasts a solid 25 hours of redundancy-free gameplay time.

7- Knack (Japan Studio)
Directed by Mark Cerny, Knack puts players in control of a giant shape-shifting robot that might be humanity's last hope in their fight against goblins.

Additionally, Square Enix announced that a new Final Fantasy is in development for PlayStation 4, Blizzard announced that Diablo III is being ported to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs will be a PS4 launch title.

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Don't worry they keep several

Don't worry they keep several cards hidden before winning the pot. It's business. Soon the war of consoles are going to end because people won't be following by lack of money and interest.It is like iphones,they are changing so fast that you don't have time to use it that you need to buy the new one. I go back to play on my commodores... Cheers Emulation saves my life

Such a ms fan boy i can smell

Such a ms fan boy i can smell you from here. I hear all this stuff about "wheres the console", well did MS hold a press conference?, did they show off what their system can do? did they show their console...? Of course not, cause they don't have to yet. E3 Is the expected time and place.

i just have to say if your a

i just have to say if your a console owner and you are really impressed with these graphics then you dont really understand how hard all that lighting and tesselation and phsyx is to pull off.. it requires a ton of extra power and considering that the demos also had great draw distance and 1080p res it was well impressive to me

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