Apple’s Dead Pixel Policy Leaked

Boy Genius Report has managed to get its hands on a document outlining Apple's dead pixel policy for its iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs and Apple Cinema Displays.

According to the chart - which is available in the screens tab - a single dead pixel is enough to get your iPod or iPhone screen repaired or replaced, but an expensive 22' Apple Cinema Display will have to live with up to 15 dead pixels.

It is worth noting that Apple allows its Mac Geniuses to replace a display that has an acceptable number of pixel anomalies with another one that has an acceptable number of pixel anomalies as well, even if the new screen has a higher number of anomalies. The new screen will not be eligible for further exchange.

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Well I'd hope, and expect a

Well I'd hope, and expect a single dead pixel to be enough for a cellphone return... but FIFTEEH on a monitor? I've never seen more than three on ANY display before, adn with teh insane price premium that comes with buying an Apple monitor, I'd expect 1 dead pixel to be enough, as is the case for every other non-TN panel maker out there.

Apple is for suckers with more money than common sense.

I ahve a freind that works for Futureshop and he says that although they sell more than twice as many PC's as Apples, more than half the defective returns are Apple products.... taht's what happens when you put more money into marketing thatn research; shitty products taht last little more than a year. So guy buy an Iphone 5, losers.


I guess every foot counts when your Apple, next they will claim....

"Show us the proof our monitors don't go beyond feet."

It's like how Jebus turned water into pure funk!

MS is a pain in the ass,

But @ least they don't double the cost of a product just 'cuz their logo's on it. My iPod hasn't worked right since a month after I bought it. Turns on when it feels like it. Charges when it feels like it. Looks like Apple replaces their overpriced garbage whenever they feel like it too. Good thinking by the way, Apple, making me have to have my computer on just to charge a portable music player. Nice one. It's the only thing w/that dumb logo that I'll ever own. Some day it's gettin' the sledge hammer. WTF does an apple have to do w/electronics anyway?


Did you really use an @ sign instead of the word "at"? Are you really that lazy? So instead of typing 2 simple letters you used 1 character, but you had to press shift while doing it, so technically you didn't save any effort.


So your comparing a software developer like MS to a company like Apple that does not even develop stuff but rather moves in the shadows using patents under NDA?

I would rather buy a $150 - 200 windows OS to something like a MacBook Air which costs over an access of 1k - 2k hell even my desktop pc cost half the money and its a 6 core. Next we'll start seeing Apple evangelists complaining MS does not make PC's as another win for Apple.

I guess since you Apple users are so anti MS maybe you should stop using crossover.

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