Assassin's Creed Director: Fans' Most Requested Game Settings Are The Worst

Assassin's Creed 3 creative director Alex Hutchinson believes that he shouldn't listen to fans suggestions, simply because their most common suggestions are the worst for the game.

As an example, the creative director revealed that Assassin's Creed settings most suggested by online fans are the most boring settings imaginable.

"The three most wanted are WWII, feudal Japan and Egypt" he revealed. "They're kind of the three worst settings for an AC game."

Assassin's Creed 3 will take place in colonial America during the American revolution; but Alex would like for the game to visit India sometime soon.

We, too, don't see how feudal Japan would be a boring location for the Assassin's to visit.

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How about going back...

... to where it all began, with one of the very first Assassins, Brutus. An ancient Rome setting would be perfect for an AC game, imo. The Romans were technologically advanced to hold the key components of the game (roads for travel, large cities, deep societies, incredible buildings, etc) while keeping it down to melee which is fundamental for the series.


If the Family Tree has been lasting so long, how? You never even see a wife or son figure in the game. I know in Brotherhood you had your sister but that is about it! So yeah in AC3 you should have a family

Japan would be a great next

Japan would be a great next step, the short film Embers depicts ezio assisting a japanese assassin shortly before he dies so in the AC universe there seems to be Templar activity that far out if not an oriental equivalent.

Japan would be a great next

Japan would be a great next step, the short film Embers depicts ezio assisting a japanese assassin shortly before he dies so in the AC universe there seems to be Templar activity that far out if not an oriental equivalent.

WW2 and other settings

Orders like the Teutonic Order were banned by the National Socialist regime of Germany, because the rightly reckoned that the populace needed to be unified in thought and conviction for Germany to have any hope of success in their massive undertaking, which was the Second World War. Thus, the chances of a secret order like the Templar's existing under the watchful eye of the zealous Gestapo is very unrealistic. So having an assassin's creed game set in WW2 will need a different antagonist than the Templars, for it not to be ridiculous. Also, soldiers in WW2 had modern firearms, so how will your hero be able to take out a large group of soldiers armed with mg42s and mp40s with a dagger? The whole game will have to change to a commando - type game, which has been done already.

An Egyptian, as well as a Japanese setting also poses the problem of having the Knights Templar as the main antagonists. The Templars are cardinal to the AC universe. There were o Templars in Japan. AC games will have to be set in europe or in areas that were under western european (French, British, German, etc.) influence.

A WW1 setting will obviously over simplify the whole situation and have the Germans as the main antagonists to play at popular sentiment, thus further dumb-ing down what little knowledge people have of that war.


Seems to me the greatest locations are as follows: Victorian England, Fance or French Revelution, Maya vs the Conquistadors, and feudal Japan


Alex Hutchinson is obviously being polite. What he should've said was "thanks gamers, but save your corny, tired suggestions. We got this."

Feudal Japan is about as fresh and interesting as the old west at this point, and ditto for WW2. Unique, underused locations is one of the cornerstones of the AC franchise. I would be bummed if they went with something as played out as feudal Japan. If you want samurai and ninjas go play one of the zillion other games that have them.

AC Game Settings

Sounds like a man thats letting his personal historical interests get in the way. Personally I would much rather play AC games set in Feudal Japan or Ancient Egypt than F**kin Colonial America or the fricken Renaissance, both way more boring than the others. Personally I think that the settings for the games have been going steadily down hill since the release of the original. Probably why I have been losing interest in the franchise.

Japan sucks and there should

Japan sucks and there should never be another ww2 game I think there are more games than actual battles. But you never see world war 1 games but i think there are too many guns for AC. They should have the conquistadors against the Aztecs or maya. Or the American civil war


Why argue about the location? Why not go everywhere, I like the diversity tbh. Ancient Egypt, Feudal Japan, WW2 sound like great ideas.

They just need to remove the sci-fi aspect, focus more on locations and focus on gameplay (inc. assassinations).

Modern setting?

Am I the only one that thinks they are dragging out the overarching storyline a bit too long? I've been ready for Desmond's story for the last two games, and now the American revolution? I mean, it is a pretty cool setting that we rarely get a chance to see in games, but come on, enough already. Lets rap this up. If they're worried about the cash cow running dry I'm sure the modern day story of the Templars vs. the Assassins could be stretched into at least 2 or 3 games.

About the locations

The simple fact is they've been going up the timeline to try eventually reach modern time so they can't do ezio's predecessor or egypt and now that they're almost finished with the american revolution game they can't do victorian london. Also the wwII setting would defy what has made the game what it is so far which centers around sword fighting while ijn wwII I wouldn't want to be going up against a tank or airplane or have constant artillary bombardment all around me knocking thing all over the place when I'm trying to be stealthy. Another thing is there were no artifacts involved in wwII so what's the game going to be centered on unless it was in egypt where there was ALWAYS constant bombardment? Lastly feuderal Japan is a possibillity but the game also relies heavily on castles and cities when japan at the time was farmland.

Egypt and Japan

are the 2 areas that were most hinted towards in the end of AC1. seems to me that the director is trying to A.switch the blame to the fans (if they really think that these areas are no good/boring) or B cant be arsed to learn the more complex culture's of countries other than america


I guess most of you dont like the American Revolution idea cos you're probably from there and are bored with your own history? For others like myself from other parts of the world, it's an untapped fascinating concept for us to explore.

Japan would be cool, but tough to do because except for castles, most of the city would only be 2 stories tall.

I agree with Victorian England as being a cool idea. Russia sounds cool too. WW2 would be tough cos it might just turn into another sniper game. Perhaps WW1 instead? Lower tech, cavalry still being used etc etc....

Lol buildings weren't that

Lol buildings weren't that tall during colonial America either and from Wat I read they want us to be climbing trees so Wat better place to do that at than Japan? The devs r idiots thinking Japan is a bad location or even china for that matter

Lol buildings weren't that

Lol buildings weren't that tall during colonial America either and from Wat I read they want us to be climbing trees so Wat better place to do that at than Japan? The devs r idiots thinking Japan is a bad location or even china for that matter


I think they should've done the story about Napoleon. It's interesting and would've kept a little real AC feeling. I don't know why they had to jump all the way to America. No more creativity?

"jump all the way"

While I think Revolutionary France or the Napoleonic wars would be great settings, I am not sure what you mean by "jump all the way to America?" Do you mean spatially? If that's the case, we naturally need an American Assassin sooner rather than later. Since Desmond Miles is obviously an American...and far from a first or even second generation immigrant, it's only logical that one of his ancestral lines either begins or ends up in the New World no later than the early 20th century (and likely earlier). Frankly, I'm not opposed to seeing how this played out. Also, the New York connection is interesting, and has been set up, in various ways, for the last several games.

If you meant time when you said "jump all the way," keep in mind that the French revolution, and the subsequent rise of Napoleon to power, occurred AFTER the American revolution. At least a decade. Napoleon didn't rise to his full power until at least 20 years after. My guess, therefore, is that these settings may very well be viable for "Brotherhood" and "Revelations" style expansion games starring Connor from AC3, since he would have been alive and kicking, and would have enough cause to get involved in these events. Unless they aren't at all planning on churning out one or two more sequels (and I doubt this, since they must like the money), I would actually be surprised if they didn't at least touch on the French Revolution or Napoleon.

The next Assassins Creed

The next Assassins Creed should take place in the Dacian kingdom B.C , when it was the strongest power in europe. It would be a very good link to the assassin's from the roman empire. A few reasons: 1. The sphinx and the hall of records from Sinaia. 2. The Draco. 3. Ancient tunels and artifacts that are still in our days. 4. Zalmoxes and the children's of the sky. And many more for those who wanna look.


World war 2 is a perfect setting, sniper elite v2 gave cpr to a dying concept. With Hitler, Roosevelt and Churchill in it together [ not the french? I wonder why? UBISOFT MONTREAL!] it would be interesting to see assassins fight and quarrel over who is a templar and who isn't. The game would be a web of lies and conspiracy, it would be nice to see a british protagonist though, [ no Connor] Since british people in this game are mostly evil, I'd like to even things out. America? Where did they get that idea? America is the most overused videogame setting ever.

Great idea

Russian revolution would be intresting, i'd like to see the communists being portrayed as relatively good guys with nice causes, being on the assassins team at the start, but slowly the communists being lured into evil, and being selfish greedy bastards, that would be intresting. As they opress people and templar rule in russia starts, that would be badass, since it would give you an idea as to why Joseph Stalin was a templar.

Victorian London?

I'm quite surprised those are the top choices. I mean IMO the most important thing in making an AC setting good is in really tuning the atmosphere of the game to suit an environment. I don't think we necessarily need something other than cities like the trees of AC3, but just a truly different theme, and not necessarily one not done before. AC2, BH and Revelations all felt Italian (although revelations had a Turkish twist). I thought Victorian London would be a natural fit for an AC game, and I swear most people on forums have echoed these views. Not only are there a wealth of characters, but the city itself has a tremendous darkness about it, with horrors (mythical or not) such as Spring-heeled Jack and Jack the Ripper. There is also an Iconic architecture about the place which would help in creating an atmosphere. I guess what i'm saying is i'd like to see a much more painful story set in a genuinely dark city where voice actors would not be putting on funny accents but instead speaking in their first language. AC1 was very mysterious, AC2/BH were very optimistic (renaissance setting), AC3 appears to be about fighting for liberty/justice etc. and I think AC4 needs to take a much more gruesome/dark turn. Victorian London would be ideal to host this story.


how much more boring can you get than colonial america??? i mean, pilgrims??? rednecks?? really????? shit I would take egypt or WW2 over this ANYDAY

american history is just

american history is just plain boring,
ACIII would be the dumbest AC of all time.
now i missed Ezio so much,
we see nothing from America history,
no culture, no nothing, its just plain
British people, coming and killed the indian,
conquer, nothing more or less a British.
so boring. the main character also prolly
a slave too. since he is an apache.
F*CK u ubisoft! i'll copy and distribute
this game freely, so nobody buy this game.
F*CK U very much for ruining and wasting
years of my time playing AC series.
likewise i'll copy, torrent, and everyting
Ubisoft hate most, piracy.


Nice grammar. Oh, the Native

Nice grammar. Oh, the Native Americans weren't prone to slavery because they made poor slaves. They weren't resistant to disease and knew the land far too well, making escaping too easy. Also, I don't see what's so boring about this. It's in the middle of the industrial revolution and the American Revolution kicked off political change throughout the world creating a perfect focal point to kick off into the modern world and switch things up a bit. Make for an ideal struggle between Templar and Assassin forces as well. It makes sense and its a highly interesting and potentially action packed setting. What's not to like?


I'd love to see an Assassin's Creed game in something like an urban area with skyscrapers and machine guns. Maybe September Eleven. Have Ezio's predecessor or something try escaping from the twin towers while they're crumbling. While that's part of American history it doesn't seem that boring. Probably not very reverent though...

Actually, I'm pretty sure at

Actually, I'm pretty sure at some point we'll see Assassin's Creed gameplay in a modern environment unless they decide to end the story right here. They did mention that they wanted it released in time for the December 2012 apocalypse because the overarching plot of the game involves that event, and they wanted it to still be relevant. So who knows if they'll try to continue it after the big reveal?

The next assassins creed should take place in the future!

They should set the next Assassins Creed to take place in the future, But you don't play in the future you play in the past and it should be somewhere in the middle east maybe India, Iran or Iraq.

Now that's something they've never thought of. Right?

Oh the game should be set around some kind of DNA memory mumbo jumbo and this evil corporation is trying to get information about something some ancestor of yours did in the past. Wow I should really write the creative director these ideas for his next game. It really sounds like this is the direction he's going for in upcoming titles.

CAPTCHA "hard lines"

Revelations took place in

Revelations took place in Istanbul, a place very similar to the middle east. And I love the idea that i can live the revaluation of my people, freeing america from tyranny. Helping it become the first modern democracy.

Feudal Japan would be plain

Feudal Japan would be plain terrible. If we follow the AC's franchise closely. It's always been about a handfull of people passing an artifact from one hand to another in order to change the balance of history. They explains it in some of the "letters" you discovers in puzzles. They even mention some specific names such as Nikola Tesla, Hitler, some american president. They even mention something about a city in india (Rajasthan) that was entirely wiped by a "PoE" (Piece of Eden). So the locations where the AC franchise happens better follow some logic. India might be one of them. But feudal japan, shouldn't be. It's a stupid choice just for the show. The only bit i don't get is why not "WWII" since hitler was kinda involved in the process. (ahah, my captcha was "sacred cow", odd...)


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