Bethesda: We’ll Release 2 Great Games Each Year

All of Bethesda's games have been major hits till now, but the publisher's vice president Pete Hines doesn't believe that this warrants betting the studio's future on the success of the next title.

"It would be wholly irresponsible for us to build towards a company that released three or four big games a year and then have our wellbeing fall apart if any one of those doesn't do well," he said.

"That would be poor management on our part. So obviously we expect big things and we're planning big things, but we haven't mortgaged our future such that the next game that comes out has to hit certain numbers or else we're in big trouble. We've been built smarter and better than that."

"The answer is not churning out 30,40, 50 games a year," he added. "The answer is not trying to be in every genre. Not 'oh no, now it's the casual, now it's social gaming!' We don't go running after the latest, hottest trend. We tend to pay attention to what we're doing, we the make that kind of games that we want to play, because we think there's an audience for those and we try as best we can to execute them to the highest level possible - whether that's development, PR, marketing or sales.

Hines then noted that Bethesda has finally reached its optimal production rate of two great titles per year. "We're built to do what it is we're doing now - which is a couple of big games a year. We have that this year, we have that next year - obviously we've only announced one of those [Prey 2] but we're now hitting the spot that we have been growing towards for years and years."

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Have you seen my baseball?

Well have you? What i just said there has more relevance than the vast majority of this forum. Bethesda make the best games end of story. Skyrim will consume every other game released this year. Sure it will have bugs but its going to be the best game ever.

Words, all words, nothing

Words, all words, nothing that means anything, just brain filler, i love Bethesda, but why bother even turning this to an article, all game devs say "we make games that we would want to play".

Even what i wrote is just brain filler, so don't read it.

walking in their shoes

I think that it would be almost inevitable to find a couple of bugs in such a large game. Besides dealing with the bugs they have to deal with the map terrain,the 3d meshes(such as the buildings, monsters, villains, civilians, etc),character animation and the textures that give the 3d meshes and terrain detail.Then they also have to worry about what actions affect what in the game and how it will affect its storyline. They also have to consider the costs of making such a game and how much revenue they will earn from it, because they do have to pay their employees.I mean sure we could just hire a huge ass team to take care of all of the problems, but who knows how big the team was that made fo3 and who knows what their budget was like. I am not saying that they shouldn't at least patch their bugs, but I am saying that you should at least understand where they are coming from.

and failing hard...

Too bad you just showed everyone you know close to nothing about fixing bugs, rendering your entire post invalid. "Besides dealing with the bugs they have to deal with the map terrain,the 3d meshes(such as the buildings, monsters, villains, civilians, etc),character animation and the textures that give the 3d meshes and terrain detail.Then they also have to worry about what actions affect what in the game and how it will affect its storyline" lol...


Yeah well i am suprised Bethesda got game of the year for Fo3 because of all the fucking bugs in it. Do us a favor guys, come out with a fully finished and polished game BEFORE you start taking gamer's money. I mean really. If it wasn't for the gameplay in your games, you guys would be up shit creek and without a paddle. So do us a FUCKING favor and bring out 1 game a year that works properly. Also the first PREY game was ok at best. What makes you guys think you can make a better version? It stupifies me. Also come out with a new engine because your old one is making all your games look the same. Please for fucks sake don't srew up Skyrim, i'm looking forward to that one. Also listen to your gamers, then maybe your games will progress instead of regress. Focus on making your consumers happy instead of looking at the money aspect all the time. Then you guys will be on the right track for better gaming for the consumer.

You're an idiot

Dude I don't think you need Bethesda to stupify you, you're doing a pretty good job of looking stupid on your own. The fact that you left a dumbass rant on here and the chances of ANY Zenimax employees actually looking at this website are slim to none so why did you write your rant as if you were addressing them directly? Are you even a Bethesda fan? Because if you were you'd know their games always have had bugs and I think always will yet they fix them and as a game developer, their games have always had a high resale value. If you are referring to Fallout 3 and New Vegas along with Morrowing and Oblivion then I'll stand in their defense and tell you that's not their fault, it's that trashy Gamebryo engine they were licensing. That said, in the case of Skyrim I'm expecting great things as well since they finally went to an inhouse game engine. BTW, just so you know they don't care about one person's comment on the consumer level, you're just one in the sea of many and as the saying goes, the need of the many outweighs the need of the few.


Funny how Overlord II does not have a singel patch, & does not seam to have any critical bug.
Worked close to perfect, from the first install!

funny I've played fo3 and fnv

funny I've played fo3 and fnv from day 1 before any patches... with no major bugs, and even few minor ones.

also they never made the first prey game, they just bought the game right from some one else

as well skyrim is on their own new propriatery engine. the last engine (fallout and oblivion) was not their own.

frankly I'd say the consumers are happy, hense why they got game of the year and so many other awards and sales numbers


Oh bye quality, you mean Fallout 3. Tell ya what; how's about you release a patch to fix all the bugs for that game, and then release another quality game.


I never seen any bugs in that game, it plays fine. I heard that some players are experiencing flickering in the game and something about the vats mode in the PC version ( I don't know about console ), I have the PC version and i never experienced any bugs the game plays with no problem. It plays fast loads fast no flickering everything works. I'm just saying to what i experienced.

yea, bugs?

I have to agree, I got fallout 3 when it was released for the PC and snever ran into any bugs. Heard consoles weren't so lucky though (PS3 mostly).


My last laptop had a Geforce 8600m Gs and worked like a dream, just the odd alt/tab issue. My new one has a Amd 4650 mobility hd. The new drivers I have installed are very clean, I made sure of that. The bug I'm experienceing is when you first leave the vault, then everything freezes up and your player keeps walking.

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