The Binding of Isaac Banned From 3DS For Its ‘Questionable Religious Content’

Nintendo has decided not to allow The Binding of Isaac into the 3DS eShop due to its "questionable religious content."

The Binding of Isaac is designed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Hims In the game, players control a crying naked child named Isaac or one of five other unlockable characters. After his mother receives a message from God demanding the life of her son as proof of her faith, Isaac flees into the monster-filled basement in order to escape with his life.

The Binding of Isaac was released on Steam on September 28, 2011 and sold more than 450,000 copies.

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Maybe I just do not get religion and the point nintendo is taking. Correct me if I am wrong but according to the Bible wasn't it Abraham who was told by God to kill his Isaac. Hmmmm... And yet they ban this awesome game for a Mother by being told by God to do the same thing. I guess it's ok if the bible say's it or implies, that's how the world works these days sadly. Just don't question it ;)


God told Abraham scarifies his son Isaac. He were close to kill Isaac by voice stop to him and he didn't kill his own son yet because God want to test Abraham's faithful.


So your telling me this game was coming out on the eshop? its almost like my wishes that i made for this game to come to handheld were answered and then destoryed :(


I've played this game on the internet did you search the web ...I stopped playing it because I was worried i'd get nightmares let me know the story line after you beat it

What i think

I dont get i nintendo talks about gods alot especialy in the legend of zelda series in hyrule the gods are the 3 golden goddesess din forore and naryru in termina a land opposite to hyrule the have the four giants and in termina in ikana canyon many statues and structures have something licking the triforce mocking it and some have the thing with the triforce under its but and its touge censoring its crotch and i believe that the people of ikana fought againts the goddesess but the goddesess fliped stone tower temple upside down so the people of ikana fell up into the sky

I got this idea from playing the legend of zelda majora's mask (Great game by the way) and got the rest from chuggaaconroy

Well its really no wonder

I can respect Nintendo's choice. The Binding of Isaac is a great game, but it is very very messed up from a Christian's stand point as my own. Plus considering Nintendo is a kid/family company nowadays versus Microsoft or Sony. I completely understand their choice, would I have done the same? Probably not.


I just find this so dumb after playing the game enough it's kinda easy to see that despite what you see at the beginning


It most likely not even god who told her to do it but Satan i mean come on.

Stupid Gamers

Most of you guys are completely clueless. What makes you think that you actually have any say so about what a company does? Oh, I forgot, you play games and are experts.

you suck

who gives you a right to talk down to people.... oh i forgot your an old miserable person who bags on other people to make your self feel better. i have the right to say that cause im a GAMER who has feelings just like eveyrbody else

spoken like a true fanboy who

spoken like a true fanboy who's nothing more than a suck up to these multi billion dollar companies that rip us off on a quarterly basis. But then again you're probably a paid troll or someone who likes DRM or day 1 dlc.


Religion or not, it's bullshit that the people didn't get a single say. I honestly could care less about the religious aspects. A game is a game, simple as that. Why try to make up reasons for Nintendo's wrong decision to be justified? The Nintendo gamers should have the say, not some church that has nothing to do with Nintendo.

Illogical Comments

If they were making a game about the rape of your sister or mother, or the murder of your parents or siblings, should you have a say, or should the game designer just be able to release it without your input?

Your comment demonstrates precisely what's wrong with American culture today, and is why we as a country are headed down the tubes. "I"..."I honestly could care less.." In your mind, it's all about you isn't it friend?

To hell with everyone else in the world who might find this offensive as the only thing that matters in your little world is whether or not you're happy. What you are is pathetic and the like of of you (tens of millions of you) are what's destroying America from within.

Lastly, garner an understanding of English; you said, "I could care less". Well if you could care less, than do. However, those who understand words and their meaning would say, "I couldn't care less."


i get what your saying, we are our brothers keeper, but i have always said this, AND now i have children as well so here it is If its offensive, dont look at, read, watch listen to it, or if its happening near you, leave. Just as you point ou the i could care less, it is apparent that you could care less for those who do wish this media publicly available. No one put a gun to your head to expose yourself

To Easy

That's actually very easy to answer. The Muslim people, also referred to as camel jockey's, sand ni**ers, and generically as BROWN NON CHRISTIAN PEOPLE (The last one is the key hence the caps) Do not believe that christianity is the true religion therefore they are easy to kill and it's accepted by the masses. The binding of isaac is somehow, in the eyes of religious nut jobs, making commparisons between the story of abraham and jacob. And this will not be tolerated by the religous nut jobs. So nintendo, trying get money from said nutjobs is not allowing the game. The END

This is not offensive

I think it's stupid to get offended by something like this. Stories about gods demanding sacrifices are everywhere (even about the christian god in the bible), and sacrifices in the name of gods have been made worldwide in virtually any religion. So that would make this just another of those stories about a sacrifice in the name of the lord. The voice in the story could even be in his mom's head, which it would make it just another story about a crazy person murdering someone in the name of the lord (just like it did happen in reality lots of times).

The religious dispute

All of you Christians, atheists, agnostics, Jews, or whatever you are: there is no sense arguing amongst yourselves, scrambling for righteous answers that only bring about more questions. There is one thing I can say, however, that will shine an inkling of intelligence upon this stupidity. We were created. We have a fused chromosome, which is impossible in nature. I'm not saying that god created us, it could have been aliens. I don't have the answer, nor does anyone as a matter of fact. But don't bash people for their beliefs, however stupid they may be. We are all intelligent beings, and must work together to find all the right answers. You may have some opinions that have allowed you to live in a false sense of security, but that does not make them right. Draw intelligence from those around you, and do not let your personal beliefs drive a rift between different schools of thought, otherwise we will never be at peace as a species. I am none of the religions or non-religions above, I am simply someone who wishes to learn from others and their stories, their feelings. Be empathetic in your thoughts and simpathetic in your lives and you will find peace one day. Do not stray from the path you have chosen, nor try to alter the paths of others. If you speak to someone the right way, your words will resonate with them, and they will decide for themselves whether or not you are right. I hope everyone here learned from the argument that took place. Have a nice life.

-Moogo Tony

I stopped listening when you said we were created

"But don't bash people for their beliefs, however stupid they may be. We are all intelligent beings, and must work together to find all the right answers." Don't bash people for their beliefs, however stupid they may be? Hypocritical. We're all intelligent beings? Have you seen the things people watch on television?! Work together to find all the right answers, etc. You don't seem to understand religion at all. Religion and greed are both the things that are holding us back from advancing as a species. Religion gives us "answers" without proof/evidence which makes it false knowledge and greed takes the place of unity which is the only way we are going to survive long-term. Why was this game even rejected? God does the exact same thing in the Bible along with killing millions of people

Who are you Friend???

Based on your arrogance friend, I'd peg you as an atheist. You inject into this thread, your very arrogant and sanctimonious lecturing whereby you talk as if most everything you expressed as your opinion is factual, and it is not. You wade into the fray here with your arrogant and deluded argument whereby in your utter haughtiness, you truly believe you're offering those of faith both sound answers, and your "wise, "all knowing" and "priceless" advice. I suspect that you then "browse away" from this thread with a true sense of fulfillment in having "lectured the religious" and thereby set them on their proper course. "Fool" is what describes you. You are so blinded by your arrogance, that I suspect you actually believe you helped those you sanctimoniously lectured. You said, "I am simply someone who wishes to learn from others and their stories, their feelings. But don't bash people for their beliefs, however stupid they may be. We are all intelligent beings, and must work together to find all the right answers. You may have some opinions that have allowed you to live in a false sense of security, but that does not make them right..." Do you see the utter arrogance and sanctimonious hypocrisy in your lecture of foolish thought friend? You deem the beliefs of others "false" and "stupid" then hypocritically claim you only want to learn from others? And by the way, not everyone is an intelligent being, I know plenty of morons and believe you to be one of them. Why? Because you unleash your hateful intellectual confusion and delusions as you judge everyone here, yet as I said, I think you actually believe you said and did a good thing. However, I'd guess that nearly everyone who read what you wrote thinks your an utter and arrogant @ss given what you said. Finally, you said, "If you speak to someone the right way, your words will resonate with them, and they will decide for themselves whether or not you are right." Well friend, your words didn't only not resonate with me, they sickened and disgusted me in the process of offending me.

If you are an atheist you

If you are an atheist you believe there is no god. It is possible however no not have a belief one way or another whether you believe a god exists, merely acknowledging that you do not know does not make someone an imbecile.


ha! read the truth, the Bible. and i know u dont believe its the truth. but i pray u will someday. on that note, right after you have taken your last dying breath on ur deathbed or in some mancave all alone you will have to answer to God himself in all his love and wrath. and after all youve done you had better hope he will take you to heaven cause if not, your soul will be burning in hell for all of eternity till your very soul winks out of existance and everything youve strived for will mean less then a dog fart. =)


um, carbon dating, science, and history (and physics and simple math) refute the bible. oh and it was translated how many time before english? rofl


I would dare say that having a fused chromosome, whatever you mean by that, is clearly not impossible if we have one. That makes as much sense as saying that because I have a yellow banana it is impossible for bananas to be yellow.

I also strongly disagree with the view that we should respect all opinions or viewpoints "however stupid they may be." While many aspects of life may exist as "shades of grey" there are still things that are, at their core, true or false. If you believe that you can plant money in the ground and grow a money tree then I have no issue with anyone bashing your beliefs, as they are based on an incorrect premise. Likewise, if you believe that any 2000+ year old text gives a more accurate depiction of the history of the world than modern scholarship (and believe that these texts should dictate modern social mores) I feel obliged to ignore, belittle and fight your ignorance whenever and where ever possible.


Have you ever tried reading the Bible? I'm not saying you have to believe in God but you can't deny what the Bible teaches makes sense. As an example on how we should treat one another.

yep 2

21:18 If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them: 21:19 Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place; 21:20 And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. 21:21 And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.

BOI Nintendo

Being an Atheist, I really don't care one way or the other if a game is religious in any way. But, I can see why Nintendo wouldn't distribute a game like this for the 3DS. Many people would complain about the religious content, some would go even farther and protest the game. Honestly, they made a good decision on their end, but I think people need to just grow up and accept that no single religion can be proven the 'true' religion, just as science can't be completely proven. But, just as it always will be, people will complain at the first sight of some religion of any kind. Nintendo just like to be a 'family friendly' game company, and this game really is way over the M Rating if you look deeply at the game and what it is based around.


Still at times it helps people to believe in things that don't seam to make sense. I'm not the type of guy who would believe in things like the bible but it sure is a selfish thing to dislike people who believe, its nonsense.. as long as it is positive to anyone why would i disagree. I would probably think this is offensive if i were to believe in a god myself. Still we were born within this or the previous century, we were not around when all this took place. Why would we question the passed for so long. I know people tend to be curious but that's no excuse for being oversensitive about folk tails, different lands have different religions just because making people believe is a strong tool to keep balance. Though in many cases its not just for balance but also for control over people. If i were to say and you were to believe. My word is just

no need for arguement

i can understand that you religious people and non religious people have many differences but you dont need to argue. it is very difficult to make someone believe something other than what they were raised to believe which is unfortunate but true.

This isn't news.

This whole site is ****. It's not news, it's opinions backed up by more opinions hinted to be fact. This is THE worst gaming news site I've ever had the misfortune to stumble upon. You morons arguing about "Freedom to pick your games, man!" have never heard of Nintendo's original policy from the NES era not to release religiously sensitive content. This is 99% business, as major retailers like wal-mart would refuse to sell it. This practice has carried into today, and is NOTHING ******* NEW. Furthermore, if you haven't notice, with all of that background, this is nothing more than a ******* advertisement. Controversy breeds interest. There is a download link right there. RIGHT THERE, SHAMELESS PLUG. This isn't about religion. it's about shoddily promoting a terrible game no one would otherwise play.

This ******* kid.

Judging by your comment and screen name, I'm gonna assume you are not old enough to remember the original Zelda games that are emulated in the gameplay of The Binding of Isaac, or else you wouldn't say it's a terrible game. You are bad for saying that the game is bad. The site may be pulling some bullshit but you, son; You are far worse than the site. Now run off and go spread that teenage angst on youtube or some ****** band like Disturbed or Slayers forums.


Hey im new to this but i would like to point out i kinda like some of the songs by Disturbed and sorry you dont like it but dont say its "******". but on to business (ahem) im a christian, and i believe in god but people just goes too far on games like this. it's just annoying that other people think it's bad just cuz it's religiously sensitive. Only can you play a game without biase whatsoever can you truly judge a game.


Man how ironic...My wife and I were just discussing the other day how so many "Christians" are anything but. They claim the title, and it stops there. There's nothing in their lives to differentiate them from any of the others on the path to hell. I know nothing about you, but given the music you claim, your spelling of God with an c that's not capitalized, and your statement, "I believe in God." So?? The Bible says that even "demons believe in him and they flee." It also says to, "come out from among them" and the world. And it further says that faith ("beliefs") with out action is dead. You'll also find, "depart from me I never knew you, you who """practice""" lawlessness. So that said what about you makes you a Christian other than your claim to be one?? As the Bible says, "God will not be mocked." But, and given you're a Christian, I'm sure you also know that the Bible to a certain degree quantifies how many people are going to heaven, and how many to hell. " Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and """many""" enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a ""few"" find it. My belief is that many of those who are Christians "by claim only," in other words, they've not yielded their lives to God and there's no differentiation between them and non-christians (other than their claim of being one) are going to hell.


Binding of Issac is decided to not be carried by the 3DS e-shop, why bring up wal-mart? Manufacturers need to worry about the market share loss, if not carried. Not you. I for one NEVER shop there. Horrible business practices and treat employees like sh*t, and some of the worst person to person customer service horror stories (from friends, family & co-workers) oh and what's the harm in promoting an Indie game? You label this "not news" because it doesn't apply to you??? I for one hadn't heard of the game but now will research it further to get more info, and decide if I want to play it.


I hate to point it out bro but this game is absolutely fantastic and considering it's an indie makes it even more astounding. The entire game is great fun and it's the only game I have ever played to unlock everything it has to offer... No idea why you think nobody would play it because it is reat and thousand have already bought it...

**** it

I am going to be truthful here; I ******* love nintendo. I have The Binding of Isaac on my Pc, and I would love for it to be on the 3ds, ****, I hate that.

Seriously?! What about Dante's Inferno and others then?

Seriously?! Where are the Complaints about Dante's Inferno then? Not to mention COUNTLESS others?!

I also think everyone should have the right to choose for them selves. If want to hate it, don't play it and don't recommend it to anyone, but if you like it, then that's your choice. Your freedom means others must also be free.


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