Blizzard’s Next Gen MMO Will Feature Real World Products

Despite being revealed more than four years ago, will still know almost nothing about Blizzard's top secret next-gen MMO, Project Titan. There are still no official details about the game, but a job listing on Blizzard's web site gave out a few valuable hints.

The job listing for "Franchise Development Producer" for a "next-gen MMO" seeks a candidate who would "Work with major consumer brands to facilitate product placement and licensing within the world of Blizzard Entertainment's next-gen MMO that enhances the gameplay experience."

Of course this won't be the first time we see franchise placement in games, but it definitely means that Project Titan won't be a World of WarCraft clone and that it won't take place in fictional worlds. It is also worth noting that the job listing didn't reveal the extent of product placement in the game which could be anything from simple billboard advertisements inside the game world to drinking Coca Cola to restore health.

The Franchise Development Producer will also be tasked with expanding "the next-gen MMO brand outside of the gaming industry" by negotiating deals for tie-in products and merchandise like novels, books, comic books, clothes and even short movies.

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No thanks

MMO? I thought they died?

Anyway, I would say this is not the whole picture.

People do not like MMO because of the cost of the monthly payments.

However, if the plan is to charge McDonalds to pay for the costs of playing the game for free.... Then why not? Subscribe to remove ads? Everyone will enjoy the game and be urged to pay.

MMO? No thanks.


How long before there are full length commercials jam into oppotune time?
"Before you kill the boss and save the world, here a word from our sponser - Guys, do you want to last longer in bed...."


Why can't these ass wholes finish all the games they are 'Already" working on and then bring out their next money grabbing scheme.... Fing wankers, they just want money and they can only get it through mmo everyone who works at blizzards sucks and swallows cum form each others penises

vote with your wallet

dont buy it.
i`ve got no problem with advertising per se, the trouble is it will begin to dictate the experience.
Instead of a 20 second cut scene with product placement in scene, we`ll see 3 minute commercials as products are
forcibly wafted in front of our eyes with no option to skip.There are levels to this but no big businesses are really trustworthy where money is concerned so it`s an exponentially slippery slope.

We see fake ads in games

We see fake ads in games (like gta), i wouldnt mind seeing real world stuff in my game, makes it more realistic. i know its just advertising, but as long as the game is good, i wouldn't mind at all. i dont know why everyone thinks its such a big deal. Sound like a bunch of whiners to me.

The point is, if there are

The point is, if there are ingame ads then the devs are making money off of it. If so then why do we have to pay for a subscription? They either make it cheap to play or straight out free to play. A standard subscription is not acceptable.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but what's the money I spend on the game used for then? Do they give that to charity? If they don't plan on lowering the price of their products because they make extra cash with in-game advertisements, then screw them. There are other ways of obtaining games.


This is sounding more like Playstation Home, Trying to make some bullshit virtual/social world with added advertising to make yet more profit. Unless it has some super duper new secret feature in it this game sounds like it's dead in the water. Stick to the WoW concept as it is proven and works every other mmo uses that as a reference to gauge how they should make their own mmo.
All Blizzard had to do is create a Starcraft MMO with updated graphics engine as WoW is looking dated, It would sell like hotcakes, Plenty of story, Plenty of fans, Plenty of potential expansions, Multiple sides and classes to choose from, Add vehicles and clan bases for pvp etc etc


Not a very renewable gaming pitch, can't see how this could even remotely be sustainable. I think they need to spend more time on R&D and listening to gamers. What a load of crap to expect people to click ads. Blizzard has far too much time on its hands from the sounds of it.


Why do you make shit no one give a fuck about (advertisements). I'm sick of seeing advertisements. They play so much that I forget what I'm watching, and not one got me to buy what ever is they are selling. But I guess its for those that live under a fucking rock. And who the fuck reads comic books. Next-gen MMO that enhances the gameplay experience, if anything it will kill the MMO world. Drinking Coca Cola to restore health, good one. Negotiate this deal, pay me to play a game fully loaded with adds, and even then its going to be hard to consider. Imagine having adds up the ass, and when u shit u get paper cuts.

If I have to pay to play a

If I have to pay to play a MMO. I do not want to see adds in game. Drive down the road, watch TV, check e-mail, use the internet, or fuck open your front door where some jackass placed an advertisement. Get real it called a game life for a reason.

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