Blizzard ‘Surprised’ By Fans Outrage Over Diablo 3 Online Requirement

Blizzard didn't expect the negative fans' reaction towards the persistent online connection requirement for playing Diablo III. Even more, the company still doesn't what the big deal is.

Blizzard VP of online technologies Robert Bridenbecker stated that he is "actually kind of surprised" for the negative reaction towards a decision that was made to maintain "the sanctity of the actual game systems."

"You're guaranteeing that there are no hacks, no dupes," he explained.

Another advantage of the system is that it protects single-player characters from being overpowered by its online counterparts if and when the player decides to go online. "What are we going to have to do about those players that are in the offline environment coming into the online environment?" Bridenbecker asked. "We said we don't want to look at that... let's just keep everything clean."

"When you look at everything you get by having that persistent connection on the servers, you cannot ignore the power and the draw of that."

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internet cost cpu time

like my pendrive internet uses a lot of cycles and only a one gig plan for $20 nz how much would it used 20 a gig aint souly for that i have money to make online too let alone trade meing games then downloading updates sure i wouldnt give a ratrme of asses if i still had flatrate exturnal internet should be 2 aliases one for internet and one offline like freelancer where sure you save whould be on a server whitch you would have to stick whith and hope in 2 years was still there what happends when no servers like starwars online thats dead now though i never played it i found out bout it through them saying that they are killing all online servers so its ussless waste of space exstinked dead soon to be fogotin but never not loved by my jedi brothers

Calling Bull on this for

Calling Bull on this for these reasons:

1) Some people can lose their internet for various reasons.

2) It will be hacked on the first day.

3) It only punishes legit users.

4) It forces people to pirate.

5) They are assuming everyone will want to play online and just not the single player.

6) All DRM schemes are a waste of money for the consumer and the developer.


Way I see it DRM is like AIDS for the digital copies, you get rid of DRM you will only replace it with a new form of draconian garbage. What we should be fighting for is a peace of mind rather than putting up with convoluted privacy infringement.

21st Century?

If you don't have a constant internet connection then you are not a gamer, and as such your opinion is void.

Starcraft 2 worked fine using and Diablo 3 will be no exception.

Seriously, no constant internet connection? get with the 21st Century please.

constant internet connectio

get a job pay every bill including the net and forget food just fucken starve you pimply fat fuck nuckle brainless jelly fish prices are only going up will you crack under the pressure get into det lose the net you home your grave plot you cant change you fait,
No man can.

Arrogant teen

First things first. Gamers play games, being an internet junkie is a different thing (although many gamers are also internet junkies not all of us are like that). Starcraft 2 has an offline mode, it doesn't need an internet connection for sp (please don't speak out of ignorance, we have enough of that going around without you spreading more). Constant internet connection isn't a reality yet, not even for businesses who pay tens of thousands of dollars for a single connection with 99% uptime guaranteed, let alone for your little arrogant self who seems to believe you know anything about 21st century technology. Internet connections fail from time to time and as anyone who has played ubisofts hawx2 knows, requiring a connection for sp can be very annoying when you are nearing the end of a tough mission and get a message "You are not connected to the internet, closing the game" just because your connection failed for a couple of seconds, in most multiplayer games that kind of failure results in choppy movement for a moment but in this case its losing progress. Anyway, given your complete lack of knowledge regarding the internet and how it works its actually YOUR opinion that is void, not the guy who has a legit concern about tech that's FAR from perfect.

Bull, i work in an industry

Bull, i work in an industry where i have no internet connection for months at a time i'm still a gamer just restricted for half the year, heres a game i can't play half the time cause of idiots trying to stop piracy and we all know it will fail

Restricted for half a year?

Restricted for half a year? then you are NOT a gamer.

Bad luck, that's the life you chose.
Online connectivity for account management is the way of the future. Anyone that says otherwise is an idiot. Its only logical that people will have an "account" with all games linked to it.

Its easy, and goes a great way to stopping piracy and cheating.

I pirate stuff sure, but if it's worth it I will buy it and support the developer, just like everyone should.

Nobody should have to pay for crap, and if Starcraft2 is anything to go by, Diablo 3 will be worth it.

Forget piracy, thats not what DRM is all about...

Just a simple fact that most people seem completely ignorant about. DRM isn't supposed to stop piracy nor make it harder on pirates, that's just what companies say to the public to avoid turning customers against them. DRM is meant to stop used game sales, you buy a used DRM'd game and you can't play it unless you pay for an activation or resort to cracks, in which case you're dumb because you could've pirated it for free anyway and devs/publishers actually prefer that you pirate instead of buying used games, after all, they don't get any money from used game sales and at least piracy won't stimulate that market any further.


So by your definition non idiots will buy into the whole Cloud garbage?...Maybe you even expect people won't have pirated copies since Cloud will be all that? They really have you if you believe a load of crock. People ask I opted out of the games industry, I tell them because their killing talent. Your telling me you like it up the rear.

Cancelled two Diablo 3 pre-orders.

These same people who love the always online DRM idea are the same kind who would support a DNA sample and a retina scan everytime you play a computer game.When is it enough tyranny for people to wake up and say enough is enough!? This required online connection for a single player game is just plain tyranny at the core and it ruined the game for me.I'll be buying Grimdawn and or Torchlight 2 instead.

Taking your toys and going home?

Booo fking whooo... I support the advacing technology of gaming. I've been hacked by a "sub seven trojan virus" back in the early 2000's while playing Ultima Online. A DNA sample and retina scan would have prevented that jerkoff from hacking my account. It was a tragic thing for a teen gamer to experiance but live and learn. You people who are pissing and moaning about DRM and canceling preorders remind me of a bunch of 4 year olds who are going to take their toys and go home. Who the hell heard of Grimdawn or Torchlight 2? Diablo 3 is DIABLO from BLIZZARD. I don't get why people are taking that lightly... millions of dollars were poured into making Diablo 3 and your wuss ass is going to back out because of it requiring an internet connection? Get over yourself.

Not really...

"You people who are pissing and moaning about DRM and canceling preorders" - That's commonly known as 'voting with your wallet' and its something grownups do, most kids don't have the willpower to do it. There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in, in this case it's digital freedom. As for you past experience, viruses don't hack computers, that's what hackers do. A virus infects your computer, may cause damage, steal data or simply lay dormant until its creator decides to activate it. Regardless, if you got a virus it means you're not very good with computers in the first place, as such it was YOUR fault that you went through that ordeal, don't blame it on the tech that existed (or didn't) back then. You are the one who needs to get over yourself, blindly accepting restrictions because you had one bad experience more than 10 years ago. Grow some balls (and learn how to use tech properly).

Cancelled two Diablo 3 pre-orders.

These same people who love the always online DRM idea are the same kind who would support a DNA sample and a retina scan everytime you play a computer game.When is it enough tyranny for people to wake up and say enough is enough!? This required online connection for a single player game is just plain tyranny at the core and it ruined the game for me.I'll be buying Grimdawn and or Torchlight 2 instead.

Looks like a hidden agenda...

Retina scans and DNA samples...Uhmmmm??? that sounds like inplanting us with chips that know where you are and what you do all the time. Are they trying to push an idea in kids minds that accepting this will de-sensetizing you and one day we will all be perfect little robots OMG!

Ok i may be paranoid but face it its already happening and nothing is being done about it.

With that all said this game i will buy it. Sorry for those who dont have the internet but their are ways to get it free and decent speeds. Just search it and build it...

Steam Games

Most games I heard of or played on Steam will work fine under offline mode (even if some games require a separate copy). However, CoD: MW2 and later are exceptions. They can never be played offline unless using a crack or pirated version (referring to the PC versions).

Origin, UPlay, Batt, Steam...

Do I hear Origin, UPlay,, Steam..? Everybody was happy when they heard BF3 isn't going to be on Steam, but it's on Origin? That's fucking gay. I bet Steam is better in every way and Steam does better job than this. You can play offline on it. Now everyone is trying to compete with Steam but I think they just can't keep up with what Valve has developed for many years.

Does blizzard have the right to do that ?

I can see that many disagree with Blizzard to have internet to play a single player game.. and i'm one of them ! I Don't see why would you need an internet if your welling to play a game on your own computer
I have an internet 24/7 with vary high speed so i don't have a problem ! But what if i went for vacation or a visit to my parents in town ? that mean i no longer can play the game since either they have a vary slow internet or they don't have it at all

------------So yes, Blizzard must make it different between single and mulitplayer.. and for those who have multiplayer, they can have a profile saved online

for those who would say that Diablo 3 will charge you a monthly subscription, please stop getting information out of your ass since blizzard been running with starcraft 1/2 / Diablo 1/2 / Warcraft 2/3/expansion and you always can enjoy playing online as long you have an original game

Deckard Cain...

Dekard Cain can shove his walking stick right up his ass! Does Blizzard think they are the only company on the block?! There are many games that can match the Diablo series. Torch Light, Risen, Gothic4 and my favorite Sacred2. These are games that have no constent online connection and are great games. Look at GoTY games. Fo3 had no constant connection yet it was a great game.
Sure i liked D1 & D2, that doesn't mean i'm going to like D3. From what i've seen of D3 so far, it's pretty much the same shit in D1 and D2 except with better graphics and with physics. Who cares, most games no a days have that. It looks to me that Blizzard is counting on the online community to carry its torch. Well thanks blizzard, myself and many other gamers like myself are purely sp gamers. My reason is because I HATE MP! I never go used to it, and to this day have never played online mp. So now with D3 i am FORCED to play mp. I hate mp because i always get owned, and i am just not used to it.
But since Blizzard are being such assholes, i will play other games like Torch Light2, Skyrim(GoTY), Risen2, Gothic5, Heroes of M&M 6, Bioshock Infinite, many many FPSs and of course Sacred2 which i have still not finished until your piddly little game ends up in the bargain bin for $9.99 because thats all your going to get from me you greedy cunts!

I can't wait....

Blizzard has proven it can make quality games...hopefully Diablo III is one of those. I say if you like the'll pay for it, its not worth raising your blood pressure over.

lol most people here posting

lol most people here posting doesnt realise that the offline mode cant be cracked because the character is not created on your computer. All single player mode will act like a online game on
The only way to crack it is to emulate the server.
But yes the guy from this news is just throwing garbage. Who the fuck cares if you can dupe items on Single Player game... LOL. really.
Unless and it seems we will be able to, we can then play "offline" mode and then go online with the same character.

On other news. Duping wont be possible im sure. They have learned alot since WoW to avoid that kind of stupidity. Its very easy to prevent item duplication, i wont count on it.
Exploits and hacks, thats another issue.


Yep, unfortunately this piece of information has put me off Diablo 3 for good. I'm in a place where internet is very slow and pathetically expensive.
Well done Blizzard, you've guaranteed that if I ever do play this f***ing game, it will be a pirated cracked version. No consideration for fans OUTSIDE places like the UK and USA.

Hackers will own d3.. its inevitable

to say this game wont be hacked, is just ignorance.. for one.. they'll have it cracked and offline play within months, why? because its THAT hyped and because of the cult following.. they did it with oh... every other game that was *online only*, drm is a joke.. itll be cracked easily. and if what ive been reading is true. theres no way im gonna purchase this. ill download it and play it cracked. and get just as much fun outta it as if i wasted the money to purchase it.

blizz, you failed your fans. i hope you enjoy seeing your "big bad title" get its asshole ripped open as soon as its leaked on the net *which it will be fore sure*

“You're guaranteeing that

“You're guaranteeing that there are no hacks, no dupes,”
I love it. So wrong on so many levels. This guy here that said this, whoever the hell he is from Blizzard, has never seriously played Diablo 2 on To this day you can still exploit random item modifiers to create bugged items. Maybe it was an obscure inherent design flaw that they have fixed now? The fact that Diablo 3 does not have persistant environments permits this type of bug to go unnoticed, you think they will be able to monitor all private games?


For single player users it's quite a traumatizing experience to go online and be overpowered, true. there's reports of people spending months in bed after that, recovering seriously from this experience. Thank God blizzard went for the aid of these people..

I don't think Singleplayer

I don't think Singleplayer and Multiplayer are different things that don't go together. Their plan would work IF we had FREE internet and ISP that covers ENTIRE planet. But since we have to pay for the internet and internet aren't available everywhere, customers will obviously have negative response to what Blizzard is doing. I found it stupid that Blizzard was SURPRISED, even though they expected this to happen before they even planned it. Isn't it too obvious? Please Blizzard, if you have any plan to create an unified and free ISP for entire planet, I would enjoy playing your games.

Bunch of wieners

All I hear are kids crying, and its pathetic. OMG its online only, cry cry cry... seriously? I seldom to think its hard to have a internet connection at all times. Can't afford the internets? maybe you shouldn't be playing than. Maybe you should be playing tic tac toe with your mother outside.

What a retarded, undeveloped moron

You're the most ignorant and uneducated person as far as I'm concerned. You might have a good internet service package but not everyone has same package. You're probably some pathetic racist who thinks America is created by only White people. Go back to Europe and play your little tic tac toe with your dead grand mothers.

Genuine ******.

Racist bastard... good for nothing inbred hillbilly... why don't you spend a few extra dollars and get something better than walmart 56k modem, and stop bitching like a child. uneducated... your sir a moron, and need to take some common sense classes before you open that redneck jaw of yours and say any filth that comes into your thought process.

Blizzard is greedy

This is one of the reasons I quit playing games from Blizzard. I have had it with their stupid we-must-control-everything-the-player-do politics. Last time I had anything to do with any game from them was when they banned players that had cheated in singleplayer Starcraft 2. What is up with Blizzard??? Blizzard is the most greedy gamecompany in the world. Nothing they do is for their customers. They don't care if you complain if your game don't work, they don't listen to players about much (anything?). Diablo 3 is probably going to be a lot better if Blizzard stop thinking only money and do something for the customers. WOW has had a lot of angry players since the start and I was one of the players that left WOW for another game. ATM I am playing Forsaken World, and that has everything I want in a MMO.

Bunch of babies...

All I hear is pissing and moaning... It's Diablo 3 for crying out loud. Some people need to get over their own expectations with how Blizzard makes their money. I wouldn't care if Blizzard wanted a monthly fee... as long as I get quality gaming. Who doesn't have broadband now-a-days? I got tired of cheaters on Diablo 2 so more power to Blizzard to make a secure balanced game. I will buy Diablo 3 regardless of what security they make manditory.

Really Dude?

Some people live in the middle of forests, and arent rich enough, or are but the companies at the closest town arent willing to take a little time and get us better internet, but that doesnt mean you can say your all better than us not-good internet folks just because you have a high dollar fancy smancy piece of crap. Good job Blizzard Entertainment, Some people would like to have some fucking good experiences. I guess you dont care about our happieness, Good night!

Since when does being

Since when does being connected to the Blizzard servers means that there will be not cheats? It will be harder to cheat yes, but with the online store (a.k.a. "Cheat a lot please") there will be lots of cheats soon after the game release, but instead of being widespread it will be only a small group of people having it, having bought from some hacker ("buy the cheat program, and then recover the investment on the online store").


Online = more revenue. But Diablo 3 will not be a MMO. But as soon as you go "online" = More cash.

(Sending information to servers etc etc.) they can use that as registered "hits" to get more revenue.

Look it up.

cash whores

they make enough money as it is......GREEDY FUCKS. Another point is that not everyone who lives in remote areas of the world has broadband and CANNOT play online. Way to go jizzard you are fucktards

The problem is that they made

The problem is that they made a stupid decision and now instead of admitting that they're stupid they're trying to validate the decision. But the worst part about it, is the fact that even though there will be many calls and threats about boycotting most people will still buy the game. So, they're not going to regret their foolish decision in the end anyway. I, however, don't make idle threats, so I won't be buying this game unless remove the DRM before the release. Bad move Blizzard, bad move.

Two single player modes.

Why not have another single player mode that isn't linked to your battle net account and that you don't need to be online for? Oh well, I'm sure somebody will create a hack that lets you play offline.


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