Blizzard Fights Valve’s DOTA Copyright Claim

Blizzard has filed a motion to the US Patent and Trademark Office's Trial and Appeal Board, asking for Valve's DOTA trademark application to be revoked.

In case you missed the drama last year, here is the quick rundown: DOTA, short for "Defense of the Ancients" is the name of a very popular WarCraft III mod. In fact, DOTA was so popular that Valve decided to hire its creator to develop a standalone sequel that is not very different from the original WarCraft III mod. This move didn't sit well with Blizzard who was already working a DOTA sequel itself.

Apart from changing the name of its upcoming game to "Blizzard DOTA," Blizzard did nothing to oppose Valve's move until Valve tried to register DOTA as its own copyright. Blizzard criticized this move publicly, but it never made any legal action until now.

In its motion, Blizzard argues that DOTA was used in WarCraft III for 7 years while it was never used in any Valve product. The motion reads as follows:

"In contrast to Blizzard, Applicant Valve Corporation ("Valve") has never used the mark DOTA in connection with any product or service that currently is available to the public.

"By attempting to register the mark DOTA, Valve seeks to appropriate the more than seven years of goodwill that Blizzard has developed in the mark DOTA and in its Warcraft III computer game and take for itself a name that has come to signify the product of years of time and energy expended by Blizzard and by fans of Warcraft III. Valve has no right to the registration it seeks.

"If such registration is issued, it not only will damage Blizzard, but also the legions of Blizzard fans that have worked for years with Blizzard and its products, including by causing consumers to falsely believe that Valve's products are affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Blizzard and are related or connected to Warcraft III."

It seems that Blizzard has a strong case here, but let's not forget that Valve has a strong argument too: their game is being developed by the original DOTA creator and the only one that has the original DOTA intellectual rights.

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Made my day!

U made my day by saying :

"Last subject is that if Blizzard did try to release DOTA we would all be dead by the time it released. hahahha biggest joke in the world "

So true :D

Anyway , i do believe if blizzard wouldve created Dota 2 together with Dota creaters, this game wouldve been so much better. I tried the dota 2 beta, but it didnt feel quite right!
Blizz ftw! Hope they win this case so they get more money for game developping xD

Blizzard doesnt need anymore

Blizzard doesnt need anymore money, they are already rolling in it, if they win all this will mean is that there heads get bigger and they will waste even more time on releasing games, if they lose at least it will give them a nice kick up the arse and hopefuly they will start releasing stuff at a more acceptable rate.
And by the way they already stated they were working on a DOTA2 without the original creators which in my opinion is stealing the IP from the original DOTA team.

It's Blizz's game it was

It's Blizz's game it was created on, and the warcraft players are the ones that accepted the game by playing otherwise it would of been forgotten like so many of the other game types created in the past....

HAHA sillly Bilzzard

First of all Blizzard didn't really make dota, users that played the game did. Second of all they didn't care about the mod that much. I didn't see Dota made maps in SC2. The only reason why blizzard gives a shit now is cause money is going to be made. Last subject is that if Blizzard did try to release DOTA we would all be dead by the time it released. hahahha biggest joke in the world

LOL Blizzard can be Stupid Sometimes

LOL as much as I love Blizzard they are total idiots some times, they point out that the mod has been part of Warcraft 3 for 7 years so they should own rights to it but the way I see it is that they had 7 years to do something about it and when another company beat them to it they then cried like a little girl.
They claim they were working on there own version but if they truely were serious about that they would have registered a trademark long before production.
Besides that the owner of DOTA is the original Mod Creator not Blizzard, Blizzard had no right to make there own version internaly without the input from the MOD team, they are the ones trying to infringe on copyright here not Valve who went through the right channels and worked with the MOD team who own the name.
As much as people want to think it game design its not whats at issue here, game design cant be copyrighted, if valve had registered the game under a totaly differnt name blizzard wouldnt even have gotten this far in its complaint, its the name and only the name thats the issue here, the name belongs to who ever came up with it, has nothing to do with blizzard has nothing to do with the cummunity support its all down to the original MOD team who came up with the name.
Blizzard has to get off its high horse, if they didnt waste so much time then they would have made a proper DOTA sequal years ago.
Sorry Blizzard your shit out of luck this time and you only got yourself to blame.

Loser Fanboy

I tend to agree with a lot of what the first guy said, sounds like you just didnt like what he said prolly cause your a Blizzard Fanboy but couldnt really find anything wrong with it, if you really found something wrong with it you would of stated it but instead you chose the loser path and just made out the guy is an idiot to make yourself feel like a bigger man, I hate people like you, you dont like something so you try and manipulate peoples perceptions, you sir are a perfect example of what this world needs less off, a failure of humanity you are.
Do the world a favor and throw yourself off a building.

there shouldn't be a copy

there shouldn't be a copy right on this game and there is no way in hell valve should own the rights to it either. I remember playing dota back in the day on warcraft 3 and frozen throne. Anyways the creator should just go to who ever offers him the highest price. But nobody should get any contract of exclusivity. It could definitely be a game available on multiple platforms. Also blizzard has a point....there were millions of warcraft 3 players who made the game what it was, not just the creator. They offered many ideas to make the game better and better and more balanced. Even if the creator started the concept it was blizzards warcraft players who did the testing.

many people help many games

Many people help with many games for world of warcraft to plants vs zombies. should the people own partial rights to these as well? The owner of the name has all of the power no one forced those people to give there ideas to dota they did it out of there own free will. I think the creators of the mod should have full rights.

This is just my humble opinion

I don't agree, I normally

I don't agree, I normally would check before I point it out. Yet I no longer have a copy of wc3, yet I am pretty sure of seeing box with rules when you open map editor. I suspect the card blizzard has is that they probably added a clause that says something along the lines of "All maps ideas and concepts made in blizzard editor are property of blizzard entertainment." Someone should check..

boo hoo blizz ****

you let someone use your wc3 game to devise THERE own mod, THERE choice of name, THERE idea.. not YOUR idea. your arguing that another company is leeching from YOUR game.. when it was BLIZZARD who leeched from DOTA..

without dota your wc3 was nothing ...

cry some more you whiny bitches!


You are completely incorrect there buddy. If knew anything at all about copyright law, or, even bothered to use your head, you would know that ANYTHING created using a supplied map/game mode/mod editor by the company that owns the game (e.g. bliz ) retains the ownership of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes about from those mods/maps etc.

Just because you make a mod doesn't mean you own it.You used the resources provided, which you did not own, and as such have no claim what-so-ever over anything that is created using them.

Why do you think that the people that actually coded, say, windows, got fuck all reparations. If you're using a company's resources to create something, then it is the company's property. Sad, but true.


ahahahahahaha so if i make a song and use fruity loops to make it they own my song? so if i use a fender guitar to write a song fender owns my song? so if i use crayola markers to draw a picture crayola owns my picture? hahahahahahahahahaa people are so dumb

The problem here is that

The problem here is that Blizzard as much as they want to think they do they dont actualy have rights to the name which is really whats at issue here, they didnt tradmark it nor came up with it so they dont realy have any legal right to the name.
If they did we could do things in reverse someone could make a mod for Warcraft 3 and call it the HalfLife mod and Valve could then turn around to blizzard and sue their arses over it because blizzard now owned rights to a mod that infringed on valves IP which is just retarded.
My point is that Blizzard Dont Own Anything and Everything when it comes to Mods they just have alot of power as to how they are used within their game and thats where it stops.
They have no power what so ever stoping the same team from lets say making the DOTA mod work on Red Alert or some other RTS engine unless the mod team took assets from blizzard that didnt belong to them.
Blizzard should have trademarked DOTA if they didnt want people to use it end of story.


As much as I agree with your attempted statement, you delivered it in an amazingly stupid way. Seriously, don't try to make an argument if you can't even figure out what words are the RIGHT words.

Get Lost Loser

The guy before you said enough, we dont need leeches like you that wait for an opurtunity to kick someone when they are already on the ground unconscious.
Tell your parents you dont deserve to use the internet anymore cause no one wants you here and you might save your parents a few bucks anyways, least then they might have enough money to buy some rubbers to prevent kids like you from ever exsisting in the first place.

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