Bungie’s Next Game Is An Action MMO

During his GDC session Bungie lead network engineer David Aldridge confirmed earlier rumors that they are working on a "massively multiplayer action game" with Activision.

Rumors have spread a few weeks ago claiming that the only project currently being developed by Bungie is an MMO titled "Destiny". Aldridge didn't confirm or deny that, but he stressed that the new MMO won't be a World of WarCraft in space.

Bungie has developed and released 6 Halo titles for Microsoft until they parted ways earlier this year. The new game is the first title in a ten year multiplatform publishing deal signed with Activision. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Bungie has confirmed that it will keep the game's intellectual property rights.

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Never Was A MMO-FPS

Halo was never designed to be a MMO-FPS, it originally was going to be a RTS and then a 3rd Person Shooter.

It wasnt until after Microsoft bought Bungie that the game was turned into a FPS.

Here is a gameplay video from 1999: [url removed]

More old info on Halo: [url removed]

RTS - after thought

RTS was a very short period in Halo's life and didn't make it far past the drawing board. It was designed as a 3PS with a large battle multiplayer where you played both covenant or MC's(BOBs). Check out [url removed]
[url removed]

And here is Steve Jobs announcing Halo for the Mac back at MACWORLD 1999 (I bet this is why Microsoft bought Bungie)
[url removed]

Bungie was aiming towards a game like Marathon, in fact the AI were called named after characters from Marathon.

In regard to weather or not it was going to be an MMO, it was set in an open world (or non linear world) where you could move from one environment to another seamlessly. The multiplayer was set up more like Starsiege: tribes.

Not Surprised

It really does not surprise my that Bungie is possibly working on an MMO, Considering that Halo was originally set for MAC and PC and an MMOFPS before Microsap bought the company. I remember being very upset when that happened. but Halo was in development as an MMOFPS before quake 2 had been released, if that means anything to you.. I'm sure you can even find the old nvidia gts halo trailer on youtube. HAH.


If you take a look at blizzard/activisions timeline, you will see a game called "titan" the name of bungies 'cancelled' mmo, i wouldnt be surprised in the least if blizzard was co developing

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