California Wants To Tax Games Based On Their Violence

Despite a recent Supreme Court ruling that granted games the same first amendment protection as movies and books, Oklahoma State Representative William Fourkiller proposed a bill that would tax games based on their "violence."

If it gets passed, the bill would take effect starting July 1st, 2012. The bill defines violent games as those that receive "Adult" or "Mature" or "Teen" ESRB rating. It is worth noting that ESRB's Teen rating is granted also to games that contain suggestive themes, crude humor, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.

According to the bill, violent games should be taxed an extra 1% that would be split between the Childhood Outdoor Education Revolving Fund and the Bullying Prevention Revolving Fund, both of which would be created as a part of the bill.

"We are disappointed that even in the wake of an overwhelming decision in the United States Supreme Court finding proposals such as this to be patently unconstitutional, there are those who still try to attack video game with outdated notions of our industry," the ESA commented. "Taxing First Amendment protected material based on its content is misguided."

California has been ordered by court to pay the ESA $1.32 million to cover the legal fees it incurred while fighting off a similar bill.

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all these politicians are doing is , finding a way to keep their useless rediculously high paying salaries and making the taxpayer pay for their incompetance.

somebody call Stanford

Ah you have figured it out at last; not that mass shootings are a monstrous inversion of human sacrifice whose origin is a modern, lukewarm Christianity, no not that at all. Clearly one Senator's desire to tax violent videogames is the cause of all the mayhem. You're a fuckin' genius; a regular Socrates alright. You wouldn't know understanding if it bit your dick off.

bully people, act surprised when they fight back, blame Jesus

Yes, Christianity is to blame and not the fact that these shootings are a result of bullying, being looked down on and made fun off by teachers and peers, because they cant understand that some people don't give a shit about their social life and voluntary exclude themselves from any social activity(example Virgina Tech guy, his teacher would make fun of him in front of the class because on Fridays he would not go to any parties). If you are going to trash my religion I would appreciate if you will point me to the verse in the New Testament where Jesus tells people to go on rampage and start killing everybody or as you put it make human sacrifice, instead of forgiving the people who trespass against you, and praying for them. Please enlighten me

Probably some religious retard.

What harm can a video game do that a TV show or movie can't? What harm can it do that a cigarette or booze can't? What harm can it do that burning fossil fuels for maximum profits can't?

Fuck your Americunt government. I'm glad I don't live in that shithole. I'm not glad I live next to it.

go fuck yourself

California is fucking paradise infested by free loafers, but a paradise nevertheless. It is not a shithole. 80 degrees of sunshine at the beach in January? In California that's a fucking reality. It's the left and Freudian blowhards who are ramming this shit down our throats. It's the goddamn fucking commiehippies that want to fuck with our games. And just what the fuck does OIL have to do with taxing video games? or OIL profits for that matter. What a fucking moron. You rant in every direction because you can't sustain an argument past one sentence. Do us a favor and never come here; stay safely nestled up there in America's hat cunny lips.


your comment contradicts itself. I have no real knowledge of the subject, but I know man, because...because I know. Care to share any more unsupported opinions about things which you also readily admit you know nothing about?


Lately this country has been fucking people allot, and no matter what people say they just keep pushing. Why do some people wonder why is shit always fucked up in some country's, well its because amrica is always there fucking it up. (first hand experience, now my country is almost non existent).

Right now there are two

Right now there are two American government is generally divided into too groups libertarians and conservatives, they are currently passing a bill to reform these two groups into communists and nazis to fight online piracy.

The bill is aimed at

The bill is aimed at increasing the taxes the get from the more violent games... its just a way to get more money, they are just holding the "violent games are bad" flag as an excuse to get it. They probably thought that taking more money from kiddies games wasnt a good political move.

Come on, people go and buy

Come on, people go and buy used versions of games to save a few dollars when they come out. People are just gonna go and get them through Steam or online retailers. I can't say I'm surprised that California would try to pull something like this.

This bill does nothing anyway

This bill just hurts brick and mortar stores and boosts sales of online distribution services like Steam.

Old people who don't understand new technology and entertainment should be barred from even thinking about these things politically.

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