Check out the wind, rain and sun in new Watch Dog's trailer

Poor old Watch Dogs. It's been nearly two years since we got our first look at it and it's still trying to live up to our earliest hopes for the project. Of course it's not entirely unfair, as the trailers since that original reveal have seemed to get progressively less pretty, with worse character models, textures and lighting as get closer and closer to the release of what was supposed to be a big PS4 and Xbox One launch title.

It was arguably and speculatively pushed back because the new systems couldn't handle its raw beauty, but even the PC release has taken a bit of a hit with the Watch Dogs reimaginings. Just look at the new trailer for the game's weather and day/night systems. It's pretty sure, but it's still not a patch on the original trailer.

NB. Watch it fast, Ubisoft seems to be deleting this video from most accounts for some reason.

What do you reckon? It's prettier than the PS4 trailer for sure, it's unlikely that one was even 1080p, but it still seems a far cry from the dark, moody look of the original trailer. If PC hardware was running this back then, why can't it now?

Our only hope here for the Watch Dogs that we were initially promised is modders. Here's hoping this game has good mod support.

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My guess is that one of the consoles couldn't run the engine so they redid the engine to avoid infringing contract agreements. (cough, cough) xbone


Then perhaps you could offer a better explanation of the degradation of the engine and the secrecy behind it? If you have one I would love to read it.

so true

Ubisoft took one of my favorite IP's from an epic strategy fps to a freaking arcade shooter. Seriously, what is realistic about sending 5 guys into battle to deal with an entire army. The sense of accomplishment when clearing a map went away when they decided to go with a generic fps feel. Basically Ubisoft wanted Tom Clancy titles just so they could slap the tom clancy name on any piece of trash they pump out.


Really? no waves from boats ,no rain visible only on the ground,it start to look crappier every time we see this so called new stuff,witch been in use for years. mayby good for console but NOT for PC, But then again its ubicrapped!

Well it was never a surprise

Yes the game looked awesome, as compared to now, yes it has been dumbed down slightly, but what do we really expect considering this has sadly been the way with consoles for years, I am a PC user myself but the bigger market is consoles and as far as I am concerned, hopefully they will do what seems to be the trend, release an free HD upgrade or better higher options for the PC version after a few months of release..... Sales matter and if most had seen it better on pc, that is the system to buy it for, of course if the peeps in question have a reasonable setup... But the consoles have the market so of course we get a dumbed down version for that reason..

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