Co-op Was Added To Dead Space 3 Late In Production

During his GDC keynote, Dead Space 3 producer Chuck Beaver revealed that co-op was added to the game relatively late during production.

"I had to go from single-player to co-op, in the middle of production. How about that?," he said.

"In the end, co-op mode ends up mirroring the single-player experience: slick, entertaining, with the occasional moment of brilliance, marred by a lack of tension, pacing and pant-filling scares," he concluded.

Dead Space 3 was released in February 2013 to mostly positive reviews; however, reports emerged earlier this month indicating that its sales have fallen 26.6% short of EA’s expectations.

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I own dead space 1 and 2, as

I own dead space 1 and 2, as soon as origin became a requirement i decided dead space 3 wasnt worth it, just like I did with bf3. I'm not installing EAs junkware, I already have steam and I don't want to spread my games over several online platforms just because everyone wants a slice of the digital distribution pie.


Right on it, Same as you I own both retails of DS 1 and 2 and as soon as I read it will require origin I didn't buy it. I also own the majority of the BF games and I didn't buy BF3 cause of origin. On the other hand I don't like steam and other digital distributions that require a client. But yes, that's how it is nowadays multiple clients everywhere, hopefully Ubi Soft won't be the 3rd. I might buy DS3 when it's really cheap and ONLY if a crack is available, At least I'll have the trilogy.


Dead Space Co-op is great, that's the reason I got it. But maybe the reason behind the lower then expected sales are due to a number of facts such as, being too expensive and requiring Origin to play. Also the game didn't have the same publicity as say BF3 for example to turn people into getting Origin so it almost seems like they shot themselves in the foot & set themselves targets that were not realistic. Sad really, as it is a great game stupid EA.

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