Diablo 3 Director: Auction Houses “Really Hurt The Game”

During his GDC 2013 keynote, former Diablo 3 Game Director Jay Wilson admitted that both real-money and in-game gold auction houses “really hurt the game.”

Before launch, Diablo 3 design team expected the auction houses to be used by a small percentage of players and that the number of items listed for sale would be limited. But soon after launch, the team learned that their assumptions couldn’t have been further from the truth. In fact, nearly all Diablo 3 players used either of the two auction houses at least once and more than 50% of the players use them regularly.

According to Wilson, Diablo 3 is still being played by 1 million players each day and 3 million unique players per month, so this should give you an idea of the number of auctions held and items sold each day.

Problem is, this made money a much higher motivator than the game’s original grand objective of slaying Diablo. Ultimately, the auction houses, and especially the in-game gold auction house, “damaged item rewards” and stirred gameplay focus from action to farming and trading.

"I think we would turn it off if we could," pondered Wilson. Unfortunately, this is not possible anymore since most of the players already use the auction houses and Blizzard "has no idea" how many players like the system or hate it.

In the end Wilson explained that the company doesn’t want to remove a feature used by a large number of players, but it is actively working on a viable solution that won’t be revealed now.

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Load of crap. Look at WoW AH, now look back at D3 development, now back at WoW ... Basically, they saw how popular the AH on WoW was and decided they'd try to make money off the idea. Itty bitty percentage off each transaction is a lot of money for the amount of players they foresaw would play the game.

i would rather have it than

i would rather have it than not have it. its impossible in that game to farm for legendary items and you cant really craft items as good as most legendary items (well you can but you need a **** load of brim stone, gems, and money). also if your trying a certain build that does better with items that say have life steal its impossible to farm for those items or even craft them you have no guarantee what your going to get when you craft so the auction house is nice if you want to have many builds with different armor sets. i will say that the auction house is broken for the most part and finding the gear at decent prices is almost impossible in some cases but it still comes in handy.

Maybe If......

And they realized this only now? About effing time I must say. Blizzard lost me as a customer, the only way I'll ever buy their game is if they gives us LAN or Singleplayer (or both) otherwise I'll just keep walking away like I'm doing.

Funny how they failed to see

Funny how they failed to see the obvious. Even before D3 we had item farmers going to great lengths to make a buck out of selling ingame items, how could they not see that they would flock to D3 where selling items for real cash is permitted? That and the fact that D3 isn't really fun ensure that only the most die hard fans and farmers will play the game after completing it once.

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