Diablo III’s Disappointed Fans Tear Down Its Metacritic Score

Diablo III might be one of the best games ever (or not), but that didn’t stop its fans from bombarding its Metacritic’s page with negative reviews.

Without any coordination, fans who got frustrated with Diablo III’s bumpy launch, found no way to vent out their anger except posting negative reviews on Metacritic.

At the time of writing this piece, Diablo III has a Metacritic user score of 3.6 (out of 10) based on 1357 negative reviews and 645 positive ones.

Needless to say, a lot of the negative review criticize the game’s always online DRM requirement. "If Blizzard demands that the user have an active online connection. The user should be allowed to demand an active online connection," one reviewer argued elegantly.

Interestingly, a large percentage of the negative reviews is more concerned with the game’s “sub-par” graphics and “dumbed down,” “casual” gameplay. “A huge disappointment,” one review summed it up. “No more skill points to distribute, no more attribute points to distribute, skills unlock automatically as you level up, WoW inspired skills. World PvP removed and the only PvP options is a WoW-clone arena. Legalized gold selling, pay-to-win auction houses - Scripted scenes EVERYWHERE.”

Other prominent complaints throughout the (long) list of negative Diablo III user reviews are “simple and cartoonish” graphics style and lackluster story.

Only time will tell but until then, it seems that Blizzard has made a mistake of applying the lessons it learned from World of WarCraft to another game with a different audience that prefers hardcore gameplay and dark atmosphere.

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Huge dissappointment

Waited so many years for this... almost completed normal mode with a single character and I am already sick to death of the game. Act 3 and 4 are SO short. No moving between acts, so no way to spend time leveling if you need to before completing the final fight. No real skill trees. I feel like I'm bein treated like a 4 year old.

I used to be a diablo fan

Diablo 3 is a huge disappointment both in terms of graphics and playability. How dare did Blizzard demand players to be always online then give us a poor performing game server. Blizzard has deceived pre-ordering gamers with elite hardware that diablo 3 will have decent graphics by advertising that Diablo3 will need a high end radeon HD4870 video card.

PS: about the password rule of 8 characters or longer, it would be better to remove this restriction. Let the registrant decide what password does he want. I registered to your website to give you this message, Diablo 3 issue is just half of reason for signing up in your website.

Diablo 3 is a massive ****.

Diablo 3 is a massive ****. Play freely a better Diablo 3 game experience with:

Drakensang Online Path of Exile Mythos

At least they don't hide their MORPG nature..as it does Diablo 3 and they are free..they want to gain money with extras instead Diablo 3 want to eat your money with the game, with the extras, with the real auctions tips!!!

I'm amazed, if the story is

I'm amazed, if the story is as true as i have been made to believe, that Diablo 3 seems to have none of the charm that made number two so great.----------------------------------------------------------------------

Why the hell take out the option to distribute skill points? I just can't get my head around that one. I mean, Starcraft 2 has it, albeit with very limited scope, so why not Diablo 3.--------------------------------------------------------

Maybe the reality of the console generation has finally hit home. The developers, probably with the publishers increasing influence, believe that the hardcore gamer no longer exists. That the gamer does not want a long game that they can play with or without their friends. That people will complain that the game is too long.-----------------------------------------------

Lets cut the bull5hit out right now.-------------------------------------

The only people who believe the above is the publishers and now the developers. They don't want to make a long game because the development costs are higher than the budget that was unrealistically set at the beginning of the project. And now that Blizzard has got a greedy, hateful, dead weight company called Activision milking every developer it can to make sub-par games while maximising profits - i believe that any classic Blizzard game being remade or a newer version developed will ultimately be a showing of games made to a budget rather than the stuff we used to see. The only reason why WoW isn't a mess is because Blizzard had developed the game well before Activision got their claws into it.---------------------------------------------------------

It's no wonder that we can hardly tell the difference between Console games and PC games. In fact, it makes you wonder why anyone would be stupid enough to invest in a PC for gaming when there will be little or no difference in its console counterpart.----------------------------------------

WoW on console anyone?

Always Online

Finally "always online" has come back to bite a big gaming company. It's about time these guys wake up to the average consumers setup and stop acting like a Microsofts dictatorship. Not all people have 24/7 internet access!!! Teenagers often have imposed time limits, Not all homes have wireless access to every pc, and users often have outages that are no fault of thier own! need i go on? WAKE UP BLIZZARD, and other companies and treat you loyal fans with the respect they deserve!

I'm wondering why Doom, and

I'm wondering why Doom, and Balder's Gate had more gore, guts, and glory than Diablo 3... Probably because they were not made for 6 year olds. This game is a waist, and it's a waist of the 'Blizzard' good name.

this game is boring

this game is really not good... it has been nubified to get more people to play it... where is the gore??? i'm not talking about the blood patches ont the floor.. i'm talking about the **** empaled people in the butcher room that freaked me out in diablo 1... or the ''*******'' with nice ***** in HELL!

I've bought Starcraft 2.. and i was same thing than his predecessor. Diablo 3 just look the same has D2 but more borring.`

No more Blizzard Buy for me, ive been disapointed 1 time too much.

I dunno really..

I think the game is fine, yes they MASSSSSSIVELY strayed from d2. THIS IS WHERE THOSE OTHER COMPANIES SWOOP IN TO KILL!!

yo, other companies... HERE IS YOUR CHANCE. build a Diablo clone thats gory, mesmorizing graphically (NOT ALWAYS ONLINE) and you will have defeated the king of pc gaming.

hell torchlight II is nipping at diabnlo 3's customers... because its delivering where diablo 3 faceplanted on the cement.

such a disappointment

The dumbed down gameplay is the biggest disappointment. And the long time fans who have poured countless hours of their time into the previous game are the ones that suffer the most! Its really feels tragic after waiting for so long only to get a shallow watered down version of a great game.


I knew it lol!! People fell for all the hype and pre-order **** boasting to be epic and crap bla bla even with the online only to play everyone went for a bite lol. By all means Blizzard has become a desperate money grabber... it could be noticed with their wow practices and starcraft 2 ****... I remember seeing a diablo case in shops with "pre-order" and wondered: "Wtf, am I supposed to cash out my money for a game cover of which I could probably don't know anything about it?" idiots.. it's blind buying. And even if I looked in the internet there wasn't much I could learn for real from it. Lol


I've been reading the reviews in metacritic and some of the 10's feel just like people payed to defend the game lol. Some of them only have one review in their history. The same happens for other hyped games. In some cases, the same people review the game for all platforms (question: did they buy the game for all platforms? Wow, big fans huh?)

The headline should read

The headline should read "People complain about highly anticipated video game, world at large moves on." This is even worse than the Mass Effect 3 'controversy' and the disgusting bro-ism that lead to it. And how come the comments for all the old articles are slowly being deleted?

I am so glad people are

I am so glad people are criticizing the pay-to-win AH. I was worried **** like this would become the standard practice in all RPG's. Just like the stupid horse armor has lead to this whole DLC disaster. Lets just hope the majority of sheep doesn't end up using it.

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