Diablo III Is ‘In The Home Stretch’

As usual with Blizzard, there is no solid release date for the eagerly anticipated Diablo III.

In the comments he made to the New York Times, Diablo III game director Jay Wilson didn't reveal much about the game's release date, but he had this to say about its current development state: "We're definitely in the home stretch. We're crunching. This is when the magic happens."

We'll let you know as soon as a solid release date slips through Blizzard's tight lips.

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I was really looking forward

I was really looking forward to this game when it was first announced, but for some reason I'm not overly interested anymore. I just get the feeling that as good as it probably will be, it will never reach the same addictiveness as Diablo 2 had.

I also don't mind if a company wants to keep the info on their game quiet. But letting out little bits over a long period of time, such as info on character classes and game play, I think has made me not really care anymore. They should have just kept completely quiet until the game was ready for release.

also slightly meh

When the first footage of the barbarian trailer was released 18-24 months back I was really excited, however I am really apathetic about the project as a whole. I was a massive fan (and still am) of Diablo II and how involving the storyline was however releasing snippet after tiny snippet is not enticing me enough to shell out $99.95 of my hard earned. I agree with ( Anonymous on Mon, 05/02/2011 - 05:37.), I don't mind if a developer releases a great teaser at E3 for a Xmas release when the game is in (to quote Jay Wilson the "crunching" stage), in fact with Blizzard's reputation I quite like it because I know and appreciate how much time, effort and everything in between is involved. However dragging the development period out to 24 months plus, is a great way to alienate even a great fanboy base. That's not to say I implore Blizzard to make a brilliant game and take as long as you need. Just don't take me to a restaurant and tell me the best dish is going to take a 36 months to make, whilst I watch someone beside me eat it, it's just not fair!
Sorry for the longwinded comment. Peace out.

Truth is...

"Just don't take me to a restaurant and tell me the best dish is going to take a 36 months to make, whilst I watch someone beside me eat it, it's just not fair!" - I thought mostly everyone knew games take years to be made. That's not dragging or extending the creation time, its just how long it actually takes to make an AAA game. That and there is no one eating that dish next to you. Why? Because its not ready. The videos we've seen are VERY specific, only showcasing classes and skills. I very much doubt the game has been actually playable for more than a few of months and even now its still a bug fest (hence the crushing). What they're doing isn't unfair at all, they're releasing info every now n then while avoiding mentioning a release date because they had problems with that in the past as someone else pointed out.

yes but d3 was in production

yes but d3 was in production for over a year before the announcement, they didn't just release a little info they released lots built up to it then silence I've had the website bookmarked for ages. I stoped visiting almost ay ear ago because there was no new info thats the real problem telling us about it making us want it then making it seem like they forgot about it..

also many AAA take less than 3 years. the really good ones take that long or more but they're kept secret until a year before they're release so as to not get peoples hopes up then have them lose interest. think about when we heard about skyrim, that was less than a year before its release date back in December. 11 months later its realeased. this way people get excited, and don't forget about it

actually yes

Actually Blizz is smart to be quiet. At one point several people who had reserved Starcraft I tried to put together a class action lawsuit because of the delays to the game. They didn't have a case but it still caused Blizz to have to resort to lawyers to defend themselves.

So yea it is smart for any software company to be quiet on dates until they are very sure they are ready to go. Not only because of legal wrangling but future buyers of the product may become disenchanted with a bunch of delays - especially when the reasons are generally not extremely detailed.

Not at all

I don't think its a bad thing at all when a developer decides to remain silent on release dates and development information. It means they are never rushing to get out their product to hit a certain date so you get a very clean and polished product when the release happens. I also really doubt that Diablo 3 will suffer from a lack of consumer interest on release date.

not at all 2

"It means they are never rushing to get out their product to hit a certain date" - Completely wrong. Companies are companies, no matter what kind of product they make. They have internal deadlines and release dates to meet. The guy in the article himself said they're crushing, that's having programmers work overtime every day to meet a deadline, in essence, that's rushing. They just don't disclose the dates because managers and directors are far more understanding and forgiving than fanboys.

someone special

It's pretty retarded when game companies are all hush hush about there unreleased video games, like there classified military top secret shit or something.

Come on there video games, you wont lose buisness or intrest releasing information about em ya fucktards.

Special indeed

Retarded? Not really. Fanboys rage over delayed release dates, so for companies its better not to disclose anything regarding a release date until they're sure they can meet that deadline. It's sad to see people like you who fail to realize the obvious yet act like they know it all and know better than those who've been doing it for more than a decade.

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