Duke Nukem Forever Delayed ‘One Last Time’

Not content with losing is cult status of being the industry's longest running vaporware joke, Duke Nukem Forever has - once again - encountered one "last" delay to its launch.

The announcement was made today by Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford who announced that the game has suffered a last minute slip and that it is now scheduled for release on June 10, 2011 instead of its original release date of May 6th.

Duke Nukem Forever was originally announced in 1997 and was developed by 3D Realms who kept changing the game's design and technology and delaying it until development was stopped in 2009. Development was then resumed in 2010 by Gearbox Software.

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reply to:"WoW!"

obviously you have never played a good game such as duke nukem 3D...but then again your probably one of those ******** who jacks off playing mw2. Personly, i hated mw2 due to the fact it is soooooooo unballanced. Now, black ops: is balanced. as for duke, i can't wait, and hopefully gearbox doesn't produce another complete failure. But, still duke will be revived and be back to kick some *** and search for his bubble gum.


To little to late one would say. If this game actually came out when it was meant to then yes, it would have been a great FPS due to the fact that around 1997 there wasnt as many games out that played like Duke Nukem. When it comes out now its gotta do something frikin amazin to impress anyone as the markets just swamped with FPS games atm. Im still sure it'll be a good game but only because of the humour.


At this moment in time you could get a source SDK or FPSgen Engine SDK and make you own Duke Nukem, and STILL beat gearbox at their own failures.

God Bless The Internet

Why is it every thread i've ever read on here has child minded individuals running their mouths off about things, when they don't even know what they're talking about!?
If you don't like the game (which you haven't even played), then big deal get in line. i can honestly say that no-one here cares in any way, shape or form as to whether or not you (dis)approve.

Crazy thought, why not make your own game? every developer starts somewhere.


So by your logic why not abolish the comment system altogether? Most of the comments here or anywhere else are people's opinions about something or other with a very VERY small percentage of people posting further relevant info/links on the thing they've just read. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you came on a public, unmoderated forum about games, no less, expecting intelligent debate and thoughtful comments, then I have to wonder who's really deluding themselves? At least they stayed ( albeit very loosely ) on the main topic, unlike you (and presently I).

And no - you can't honestly say that no one cares. That figure of speech is right up there with teen girls saying "I'd literally die" or anything of the sort. Just...just plain dumb.

Not to mention the cycle of you not caring about something someone says, but somehow caring enough to take time out of your day to inform them that no one cares.


@Wow! You ******* motherf**ker

**** off. You must be anti-American. Only Duke can save our BABES and kill all aliens!!

And, get that spammer's comments ought of here Megagames!



Two people actually still care about this retarded game? I saw some footy on X-Play & it looks like ****, sounds like **** & probably suits a console just fine since they all suck & their games are ****. DNF (Did Not Finish) should've been a PC game 10 years ago. From what I saw it looked about as good as 10 years ago. I guess the way the obsolete consoles dictate everything now, WTF doesn't look like **** besides Crysis & the PC version of FC2? It's such a shallow, boring, empty kind of a game & probably Serious Sam 3 will release before DNF ever does & oh my ****!!!!! IT"S THE SAME ******' THING!!!! Stupid moron runnin' around crackin' stupid comments, shootin' a bunch of goofy aliens. Another brainless 10 hour experience for $60 if yer stupid.

You serve no purpose here and

You serve no purpose here and neither does your trolling comment. Exactly what point are you trying to get across? Congratulations, your opinion has been heard and nobody cares. When we want you to open your mouth, we will unzip our proverbial pants and give your ****** *** a reason to. ANYONE who gets that worked up over a video game proves themselves a virgin. Come back when you grow a pair and get some little ***** boy. Your prepubescence is disturbing. Go back to playing Viva Pinata.

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