EA Banned Player From Offline Dragon Age II Campaign ‘By Mistake’

A Dragon Age II player was banned from the game's singleplayer campaign for "using bad language" on BioWare's forums.

The bad language the player used was calling EA the "devil." As punishment, BioWare suspended his account for 72 hours which rendered him unable to play Dragon Age II because the suspended account was needed to activate the game.

After the situation caught media attention, BioWare responded by referring to the forum's terms of service before EA lifted the ban and claimed that the single player ban was a mistake and that the forum's moderator intended to ban the player from the forum alone but he ended up being locked out of everything that requires an EA account.

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The only way the electronic assholes would know what he did is if they wore spying on him in a single player game. Who knows what kind of other info they are collecting while u play, that is why they require connection to play offline single player.

and a little comparison

And when a lot of people find out and complain about it he'll just claim 'it was a mistake' and 'it wont happen again'. As if! In real life people would never go to the restaurant again and the waiter would get fired for it.

In this case gamers are much weaker than regular customers. They don't stop consuming the restaurants food, they just start stealing it (or eating the scraps they dump). Which keeps them hooked and makes sure they wont lose interest in whatever the restaurant comes up with.

So even if you pirate the game you still lose because you rely on the company you hate so much to make new games for you. Not playing is the only true form of protest.


FUCK EA!!!!! for fucking up some great games like C&C WTF!! Why do i got to be online to play single player campaign. i hope someone makes an offline server so i don't got to be connected to play, what a waste of money was to buy their games.


"Why do i got to be online to play single player campaign"

Because a bunch of retards who think they're smart decided it'd be cool to sell used games (that they don't own) back to stores and buy new ones. Now everyone has to deal with this kind of bullshit thanks to that.

That is the very reason DRM exists and plagues us.


This like if I went and Bought a new Ford car, relized that I didnt like something about the car, got online and expressed my displeaser at the Ford website, and then the next day I awake with the keys to my new car no where to be found, taken by Ford for violating the rules of their website.

When I "lease" a video game, I go to Blockbuster or order from Gamefly but when I go to Walmart or Gamestop and pay full price to OWN a copy of the game, I OWN IT.

The analogy is fine but...

When you buy your ford, you pay for the metals that were used, the construction costs and all that. You cover EVERY SINGLE EXPENSE the company had to make it and pay some more (profit) and that's why you own your ford.

Did you ever pay gamestop the millions invested in making a game? No? So you don't own it. You got a one time payment lease deal and that's all.

Sheesh...take the world for granted why don't you, clearly everything in it belongs to you if you just spend a few bucks.

The analogy is fine!

so you are telling that when you buy a ford your are paying the millions that they invest developing it? Or do you think that designing a car is cheap? Even designing clothes has costs that you dont pay, if you have the costs of develping everything you buy now one could buy practically anything. The point is that the cost of developing a new product is "paid" between everyone that buys the product when you "pay some more" than the manufacturing cost actually is.


I wanted to see if you'd catch that, nicely done.

However the fact remains, you don't own software you didn't make. Why not? If you owned it, you'd be allowed to duplicate and sell it as you see fit to as many people as you wanted. You'd become a competitor of the company that developed the game using their own product because software can be easily and quickly duplicated.

Now you can't do that when you buy a ford. You buy one, you get one. There's no easy and inexpensive way to duplicate it.

Put your consumer self aside and try to see things from their perspective. How would you feel seeing your hard work duplicated thousands of times a day and sold to people while you get nothing for it.


When you by a game you dont own the game, you purchase a license to play the game. unfortunatly the owner of the game gets to decide who uses that license, weather they paid for it or not. If your break the EULA obvioulsy your license can get banned.

Really stupid to ban the guy for calling them the devil weather it was a mistake on the forum moderaters behalf or not. As someone else stated. just childish!

Oh really?

Tell that to all the people who don't buy a "license" but play the games anyway. I didn't buy a BFBC2 license, played it anyway. When I buy a game, you better fucking believe it belongs to me. When I buy a dinner plate or a new sweater I don't buy a license, I buy a product & I can do w/it as I wish. I can lend it, trade it or sell it to who I want when I want & if I had the equipment to make an exact replica of it I could do that as well. A license doesn't cost anything to produce & is therefore not worth paying anything for. I bought ME2 on 2 discs for $20. It's MINE MINE MINE!!!! I'll do w/e the fuck I want w/it. I'll hack the fucking EULA bullshit right out've it if I want to. I'll give it to whoever I want, or sell it to whoever I want. I'll fuck my asshole & leave my smell on it & then lend it to my friends if I want!!! I bought it because it was $20. If it was $60, I wouldn't have bought it, but I'd still have had the same fundamental experience, w/out the discs. Code is easy to manipulate & easy to replicate. So all these companies that insist on screwing people might wanna make note of the fact that when the ease of manipulation & duplication exceeds the ease of so called "legitimate" use, which includes the difficulty in making the money to pay for "permission" then we won't seek "permission". We don't need it. We do WTF we want. If Bioware or anyone think they're gonna make money, selling permission, they better take a good hard look @ their business model. You mother fuckers ever revoke my "permission" that I paid hard earned money for & you'll never see another dime outta me. I will store & play every game that I want. No single company owns the position of switches inside all processors or magnetic particles on all hard disks & that's all any of this shit is that you are arguing over.

yes really...

Your opinion really doesn't matter because most of your points are... well wrong. As far as DA2 is concerned, you can't lend or trade it, that's what the activation (and DRM in general) is for, to keep you from doing just that.

Make money selling permissions won't happen? Wake up, that's how EA got rich (and every other company that got rich out of making or publishing games). Just because you consider yourself the owner of what you pay for that doesn't mean you actually are. The law dictates what you can and can't own not you. Don't believe me? Take it to the court, see if you really own the software just because you paid a measly $20 or even $60 for it instead of the guys who spent millions to make it.

Come to think of it that'd be somewhat unfair. When you buy a car you pay for its production costs, shipping costs for the pieces etc... same goes for any other physical product. With games we don't have to pay the millions it takes to make them so its not illogical to assume that we don't really own the games.

"No single company owns the position of switches inside all processors or magnetic particles on all hard disks"

We stopped using switches on computers quite a few decades ago, transistors are not switches. Hard disks don't store data on magnetic particles either, while they do use magnetism your concept of how they work seems to be a bit off, plus we got other kinds of storages that don't rely on magnetism (SSD's for example)

Companies do own the sequence of bits that translate into their games though. Just like a writer owns the whole set of sentences he uses on his book, but not each one individually.

Seriously, I'm not sure why people try to compare software with physical items. That's the one thing software is not. Hence such comparisons are flawed on a very basic level.

Annoyingly wrong

The license part is correct. Not many people seem to be aware that they don't actually own games unless they make them.

As for the childish part, it's only childish if it wasn't a mistake. Only if they actually punished him by removing the sp campaign access because he said "bioware sold its soul to the EA devil". If its a mistake then its a mistake, accidents happen to everyone. I just hope the guy gets some sort of apology to make up for this screwup, maybe a couple of free dlc's.

What annoys me about this is how bioware immediately defended the ban and mentioned the forums EULA when it was so clear that it was the wrong thing to do (ban a guy from sp for forum misbehaviour).

Seems to me that Bioware isn't the same company it used to be. I for one agree with the guy, EA tainted bioware and this issue only proves how much crap bioware is willing to give its customers if they go against EA.

That's the problem that comes when money (large heaps of it) becomes more important than passion.

Sellouts, just like the rest...

Accidents happen??

I agree that accidents happen, but this accident would be like pressing the "Are you sure that you are sure" button 20 times, then claiming ignorance that you did so. How do you ban someone from a forum, and thier game at the same time??? Logically, would that not take multiple tasks with multiple sequences?? EA/BioWare knows that bad press / reviews can kill a game, and they spent loads on this software. It was a hasteful decision that seriously backfired, and now EA/BioWare is in damage control.

"I did not have sex with that woman".......

I hate

Having to be connected to the internet to play a single player game! I understand WHY they do it, I just don't like it... I like my games to be mine... even most steam games you can play off-line...



Can you believe EA and BioWare? That is so childish. Ive always bought thier games and thought they had some of the best, but now I'll probably reconsider. I've been playing Bioware games since shattered steel, I have them all, and always considered them to be above the bar, and geared toward the PC. After reading the reviews in Dragon Age 2, and how it feels like a dumbed down console port, and how BioWare acted in this tantrum, I have a completely different view of them.

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