EA doesn't get Australia at all

Targeting any specific portion of the world with marketing is always difficult. You have to know the ins and outs of the local populace beyond what you might read about it; you really need to have lived it. Of course you could wing it, but you risk doing what EA has done here; making a complete WTF video.

Seriously, scroll down to the bottom and have a look, it's bizarre.

There's so many other better ways to explain how to perform goal celebrations and promote the game at the same time. How about an infographic?The kids love infographics and they can actually look at it during a goal winning moment to remind themselves how to stick their shirt over their face or something.

You could even include a free poster with the game, so people can stick it on their wall and when they score, hammer out the right combination like it's some Mortal Kombat fatality.

But no, instead, EA went for this. A faux instructional exercise video, featuring some questionable acting, accents and weird dance moves that have nothing to do with the actual celebrations or the instructions that make them happen in game.

You just have to ask yourself, what was EA thinking?

This reminds me of that horrible Game Crazy training video. Remember that?

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Australia is my country so I

Australia is my country so I care. At least I would show a bit more respect for whichever country you hail from. As far as I'm concerned, vegemite tastes like crap and is the last thing I'd ever eat but essentially it is a very good thing. It is packed full of folate which I'm told is extremely beneficial for pregnant women. Out of pure dislike of your comment I'm going suggest that maybe your mother could have used some while pregnant with you. I'll have to leave it there because I'm being chased by a dingo and my kangaroo can't go very fast while carrying me :P

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