EA Isn’t Making Any New Wii U Games

EA is currently developing games for almost all current and next-gen gaming platforms except one: Wii U.

"We have no games in development for the Wii U currently,” was the exact words of EA spokesperson Jeff Brown.

Nearly a year and half ago, EA was present on stage during Wii U’s launch event when it promised an “unprecedented partnership” with Nintendo. Of course, back then everybody was betting that Nintendo was going to repeat Wii’s unexpected and phenomenal success; a feat that looks harder with every passing day now.

EA has already released titles such as Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Madden, and FIFA on Wii U. Unfortunately, none of those titles sold enough units to justify continued platform support.

EA made a similar decision in 1999 when it decided not to release any of its popular sports games on Sega’s Dreamcast. The decision was seen as one of the main signs of Sega’s decline as a console maker, and indeed Dreamcast turned out to be the company’s last console.

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With the ps4 coming and showing some massive improvements.. who in there right mind would bother with the other systems.

Wii-U will not be competitive this generation

The Wii-U is likely to flop, though the hardcore might purchase one for the generational update of Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash Bros.etc. It might even be profitable but it will force Nintendo to think carefully about where they next tread. BTW guys it's better for everyone (and every gamer) if all 3 major console companies are competitive and successful as it gives you as a consumer more choice and forces competitive pricing and software quality. Unlike the previous generation in which the sales of the Wii bested the competition by a substantial margin (though they may soon catch up with price drops) Nintendo is likely to be lingering in last place sales-wise this time round. What happens next is anyone's guess

No love for EA, but nintendo has to go.

It has become a liability in the gaming world. The President of Nintendo Corporation still acts and behaves like gaming never left the 1990s. Let me see. N64: Powerful system ruined by the cartridge format. Gamecube: Upgraded n64 with minidiscs instead of DVD like Xbox and Playstation 2 Wii: Gimmicky controls, substandard hardware. Wii U: Ipad ripoff and more substandard hardware compared to xbox 720 and PS4

Things would be great if

Things would be great if gaming never left the 90's, the Wii's gimmicky controls actually forced the other 2 console makers to catch up with kinect and ps move, so unlike you it seems the big guys see the controls as something more than gimmicks. Hardware power is so unimportant, it's a shame kids today are so shortsighted and tend to steer clear of nintendo because they don't want to be considered 'kiddies'. Though I don't really like the Wii U controls, I praise nintendo for trying, if it weren't for them gaming would be a mindless race for cpu and gpu power, pretty stupid...


Nintendo got lucky with its Wii, the other two idiot companies tried to duplicate the motion control game-play nonsense but failed and the fact is that no one gives a crap anymore 'bout that sort of game-play style. Sure, grandma was able to play Wii sports, but that's it, she ain't gonna buy the Wii U with its touch-pad thingy when she can't even work the T.V remote. (no offense, grandma). Did anyone take the Wii seriously as a gaming machine anyway? Not to mention the Wii U coming out early and underpowered (to compete with the next-gen). I mean, Nintendo set itself up to be left out altogether with a piece of hardware that was usurped by android devices and the like. I doubt they have Wii3 in the works to compete with the ps4 and x720. They're not all that powerful, when compared to when the ps3 was initially released, PCs were barely using dual cores, let alone quad cores (or better). Rant's over. All for now. P.S. Origin sucks
You voted 'no'.

Zzzzzzzzz. Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Zzzzzzzzz. Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzz. This site is so predictable. Filled with hate and ignorance. Next it will be I hope Sony/Microsoft fail. No one appears to be interested in games and how well they play just how good they look. Dont worry though. You will eventually grow up and one day get a girlfriend. Then I hope you will realise how sad you have been.

Nintendo needs to carry itself.

Nintendo is a kiddie console. No one that wants to play any of EA's games wants them on the shittiest, ugliest looking most poorly performing platform available. Most people want them on the best possible platform (PC) & the rest settle for one of the others, but the Wii doesn't cut it. If I play EA Games like those listed above, & I'm gonna play 'em on a console, why would I want it to be the Wii? Even if I'm 10 & my mommy bought me a Wii 'cuz it was the cheapest & seemed the most suitable for kids with a flagship line of dumb goofy games where a dago duo of plumbers with Magnum P.I. moustacherys fights off a horde of turtle ducks & walking mushrooms to save a princess, so a Wii is all I have, mommy prob' ain't gonna buy me no ******' Dead Space or Need for Speed: Most Wanted, to encourage future criminal activity & all that. With the boring sports titles where the only thing that ever changes is the team members & maybe the graphics improve, you've just lost the ability of the latter with the wimpy Wii. **** you Nintendo. **** off Nintendo. Your time is up.

Wii U

The Wii you is a piece of Junk. Only about 6 people have one so why would any company want to make games for it. Good job EA concentrate on putting your rehashed games on the 360 and ps3. Let the Wii u die a slow painful death. Maybe then Nintendo will wake up and stop releasing sub par consoles that look like toys for little boys and girls. Sorry Nintendo, we all grew up. You still think we're 11 years old. Most of us are in our 30's Nintendo. The new generation kids wont put up with your **** hardware either. They expect the same level of hardware as the other two competitors put out, Nintendo will either learn from this or this will become a trend where more and more companies stop making games for this overpriced toyish looking Ad on. Oh my Bad Console (Cough)

Good job EA lol. You

Good job EA lol. You absolutely have no idea what kind of a company EA are have you? I trust that you think Origin is a good idea? EA are ****** at Nintendo because they refused to allow origin to be put on their console. Funny how games such as Crysis 3 which was running on the wii u suddenly got cancelled.

agree. wii u has make a same

agree. wii u has make a same mistake like sega dreamcast which only run on failure 1gb rom instead of 4gb dvd. with the lcd screen on controller did not make any sense if not portable and it's heavy too. new generation console need to focus on hi core processors and hi end graphics but not a silly extra features on controller.

ps2 used cd games as well as

ps2 used cd games as well as dvd dvd was a fledgling format at pd2 launch and was one of its major selling points (free dvd player) so that was in no way a downfall for dreamcast. pirecy, bad reputation from flop consoles lost sega lots of third party support + people watied for ps2 to avoid getting burned by sega again. dreamcast was an awsome console wii U is what should hve been released instead of the wii too little too late nintendos

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