Epic Games VP: PlayStation 4 Is The World’s Best PC

Epic Games vice president, Mark Rein, believes that PlayStation 4 is “the world’s best PC” that surpasses most computers available in market today.

"When you think about Windows, even Windows for most people is tied to about 2GB of addressable memory space," he explained. "This really opens up beyond what most PCs can do, because most PCs are running a 32-bit version of Windows."

"It's like giving you the world's best PC ... The kind of stuff that they announced that they're doing, the level of convenience and things like that... they're making a really perfect gaming PC."

Rein’s words make it hard for us to believe that he is not really that informed about the current mainstream PC technology. For one, 64 bit CPU and operating systems have been available since 2003 when AMD released its first Athlon 64 CPU and Microsoft released the 64 bit version of Windows XP. Over the few years that followed, 64 bit PC became the norm. In fact, almost all Windows 7 and 8 PCs used today are 64 bit and it has been nearly impossible to buy a new 32 bit PC for several years now.

Rein also made an odd assumption that memory size is the most important factor influencing a PC’s performance. We don’t need to remind our hardcore gaming fans that CPU and GPU play much more vital roles in that regard.

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Holy fat ****!!!

This bumble **** is so ******' fat from suckin' truckloads of *** to get where he is today. This guy wants to make lots of money off of consoles so he lies to people who are stupid & don't know anything about electronics. Or he's actually as dumb as the people he's soliciting to. My $600 PC uses all 8GB of it's RAM & could use 16GB if I wanted it to. I run top end games (FC3, Crysis 3 etc.) maxed out without a hitch. RAM is the least significant of the significant parts of a system. It's easily upgradeable & by the time a "next gen" shitbox hits 16GB will be getting very common if it isn't already.

i agree ram is no needed i

i agree ram is no needed i play crysis 3 with detail levels in excess of ps4 and it only uses only between 2-3 gb the only advantage i can see from having 8gb is perhaps loading most of the game into ram to cut loading time to nothing seeing has the actaul horse power of the ps4 is actaully mhe
You voted 'no'.

yah has anyone thought how

yah has anyone thought how good of a pc you can own (built yourself) for the cost of the new consoles? you don't need a crazy fast cpu or 16gb of ram. It's more to do with the video card. $600.00 and you have everything you need (including a good psu to power it) and your not limited to just gaming.

A Mac is a PC idiot.

Macs & PCs are the same, dumbass. One just has a picture of an apple with a bite out of it on there that magically makes it worth up to ~70% more money than a faster Windows/Linux based PC.

You mean cost more not worth

You mean cost more not worth more. I hate when people compare a cheep old run down pc with up to date apple, no **** its going to be faster that way, considering what you get from apple for the price with that money you can build your self a very nice pc.

Bullshit, show me a picture

Bullshit, show me a picture of BF3 and Farcry 3 and Crysis 3 with any memory manager program or from windows 7 itself with those 16 gigs on the list. Your PC must be full of choking side software, IRQ messups and whatnot. Either that or you have programmed the game to go directly into RAM. Dont bull with me, I get higher resolutions than that with less RAM.


dude i played em , and the more power u got the better you can play games maxed out at high res's , i build pcs for a living, and ive tryed em, you must run your games on med settings to get res;s ud never play and yet talk ******* **** about, you silly little ******, you who knows **** about pcs, just stick with ur console little man, and ask your mommy for some more pocket money to learn about computers . hence min specs and rec specs dumbass ******* **** kid.


battlefield 3 uses 16gb to run flawless maxed out in 1920x1080 , i used 8 gb and it had some lagging issues , put 16 in and it ran flawless, so yh there are games that do use more than 3gb ram, most good games like farcry 3, bf3, crysis 3 , there really demanding games need 16gb ram and a good system to run em, people with less than 4 have to lower games down loads to console standards.

Console (ps4)

The best pc in the world that's better than ''MOST'' pc's out there is not the worlds Best pc (it had to be better than all of them not most) plus we all know this console wont provide the best Hands down hardware you can have today, Hence, I don't believe the 'Hyping' scenario' of this person saying this console would be the best. we all know anything on a console is something already used on current day tech on an ACTUAL home pc.

Right. after a brunch or

Right. after a brunch or whatever and with more than enough level; he is right, from indirection and aproximate. There isnt a single game out there that uses more than 3Gb of ram and there is a reason for this without considering system math. Even with hundreds of mods. Its because of what he is saying, studios, at least the ones with good marketing departments; they know that most PC's out there dont have that RAM and a lot of people are running games with AGP cards and 4 year old CPU's, because most of PC's games either follow the first market directive or they simply comply with console speed specifications, upgrade a few textures and more shader effects based on the numbers and you get your PC high GFX, which are nothing more and the system RAM along with the shaders handle that. The rest is mostly bad code. Remember that article in here about console "gamers" becoming PC gamers? Well, in a twisted sense, its the other way around. The path of consoles is clear as media devices, what is not clear is the path of PC's for games. Most of you are right but also wrong. Another question is that if we actually use what is at dispose and if so in what manner. Im not sure in what world you guys live in but, there are very few x64 games and many are just makup and RAM is as important now as in 1996.

but tthe fact that software

but tthe fact that software manufactures fail to utilise my ram cpu or gpu has NOTHING to do with if the ps4 is faster or not in fact i can say for a fact that if i kit my pc with 8gb or maybe 16gb with a 64bit op sys when the time is right it will be used you know when ps4 and 720 come out and games start porting across to each other it happened with 360 and ps 3 launch it was like .you pc not fast enough??? tough **** then buy a new one mate

I'm an old carpenter, a

I'm an old carpenter, a duschebag, and the proud owner of 9 balloons filled with authentic Jesus farts. Yes, even the son of God liked farts. Hard to belive wars have been fought over these balloons. There not for sale so dont even ask.

consoles will always be beneath pc's for gaming power

most peoples pc's are 64bit anyway and have mid end to high end systems, i for one have a lovely tower deck pc with the latest socket 2011 mobo with 32gb ram , quadcore 3.6gig pro , gtx titan ( 6 gb gddr5) , quadcore soundcard and 64bit os windows 7 , as windows 8 suxs ***. sounds like epic talk alot of ****, consoles are fading out, even the the new consoles coming out are beneath mid end pcs, and pc gaming has gone up 8 percent last year, over the years 80% and its getting bigger , where as the console market is dying off slowly.

Sad reality is that most

Sad reality is that most applications on Windows even though they can address 64bit memory problems don't actually make use of 64bit in real time. Not so much the OS fault that it is MS, consider this that most software for Windows is written on languages designed and used by and for Windows. The dot net platform does not in fact even have a 64bit compliant framework, while you can technically compile 64bit programs its not without bugs and errors.

No. He is saying that 32bit

No. He is saying that 32bit executables can only address 2gb of memory and most games on Windows are compiled 32bit for compatibility. It's a pretty big limitation due to the necessity of backwards compatibility.

This man ^^

This man ^^ He is correct. Most game executables are in 32-bit and the odd occasion you find a 64-bit version, they are buggy and/or unsupported. It also places an upper limit on the memory usage of a game, because they must design with the lowest common denominator in mind or fuel compatibility issues.

actually not terribly awfully misinformed

In this steam survey, about 1 in 4 users have 8gb of system ram, implying they are running 64 bit operating systems. Its likely that no more than 1 in 4 have 6 gb installed. This means that around half of users have 2 to 4 gb of ram (or perhaps less if their system is ancient). Anyway, around half of users have 64 bit operating systems AND the ram for this system. So its a draw.

What, get the game designer

What, get the game designer who doesn't know **** about hardware and is already singing the praises of PS4 to - for some unknown reason - go back on all he has said so far. Tim Sweeney, being the lead programmer of UE4 and technical director at Epic, would probably be a more appropriate person to ask. And, given that the most recent UE4 tech demo was showcased on PS4, he would probably agree with the sentiment.

omg are these guys paid to

omg are these guys paid to say things like this?? im think they are! there either willfully ingorant of the facts or bare faced liars . i recon its the latter seeing has these guys use pcs all the time

not really, it requires an

not really, it requires an always on connection, "Personal Computer" not really. The guy is a ******* **** at best. Epic are really terrible with truths which would only really be an issue if there was any decent UNREAL games.

The PS4 doesn't require an

The PS4 doesn't require an always on connection. Sony's head of worldwide game studios, Shuhei Yoshida, cleared that up on Feb 21 this year, saying "yes, you can go offline totally". The "PC" reference is that the hardware of PS4 is all based on x86 architecture, unlike PS3's Cell, which will make it easier to develop for in tandem with the PC. Not to be mistaken with Durango, the next-gen Xbox, which is rumoured to require always-on connection (tolerating drop-outs) for singleplayer as well. Feel like a bit of a **** now, yourself, don't you?

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