Fans Raise USD 30K In Donations To ‘Retake Mass Effect 3’

Realizing that using an online poll to change the ending of a blockbuster game is - most likely - futile, if not juvenile, a group of Mass Effect 3 fans tried to bring positive attention to their cause by collecting donations to the Child's Play charity.

Interestingly, they managed to raise more than $30,000 in the first day alone.

"We believe that it is the right of the writers and developers of the Mass Effect series to end that series however they see fit," the Retake Mass Effect 3 page explains. "However, we also believe that the currently available endings to the series do not provide the wide range of possible outcomes that we have come to expect from a Mass Effect game."

All donations have already been transferred to the Child's Play charity.

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not sure i agree with wanting to change the ending to series, i strongly believe it should be down to the people who have worked on it to end it anyway they see fit. But i will say its very commendable that theyve managed to use this to make some money for charity. Fair play guys, well done!!

Play Fallout 3 or Read Sherlock Holmes...

Play Fallout 3 or read Sherlock Holmes. Don't like the ending? No worries. Fans have already changed that for you. Buy Broken Steel to change the endin of Fallout 3. Read Return of Sherlock Holmes to find our favorite logic driven sleuth returned from the dead.

Other examples?
Great Expectations
Cat On A Hot Tin Toof
Jurassic Park to Lost World
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Firefly and Serenity (fan driven DVD and movie release)
Dune original Theatrical Release.
Buffy the Vampire, she was supposed to die at the of Season 5.
Sarah Connor Chronicles

Yes. Call them whiners. Fine call them idiots. There IS precedent for it, and they never know until they try. Raising money for charity, whatever the reason, shouldn't be demeaned. That, in and of itself makes the naysayers look like the crazy, whiney ones.

Maybe they would have more

Maybe they would have more respect if they protested against something worth while. These people are acting like spoilt brats that haven't and will not get there own way. These are the same people that are probably buying extra content for the game whilst having a winge. However, I do agree that the money they have raised which has been passed to charity is fantastic. That said, its sad that it took a game to do that.


Wow, you guys really have no real clue, do you?

First of all, get the facts; this is a majority of customers world-wide that have a strong dislike for a product that was, by and large, lied about by the developers.

Watch this video:

[url removed]

An then maybe you'll see why this Majority is fighting so hard for this, and for future games. For once, gamers, who spend their money on games that are often incomplete or rehash of games before, are starting to be recognized as the paying customers they are.

I have read books that I

I have read books that I don't like the ending of. Seen films I don't like the ending of. TV shows I don't like the ending of. Played games I don't like the ending of. You can't cater for every ones taste. Im sure that there are people out there who like the ending of Mass Effect. Get over yourself and move on. Life is full of disappointments. You need to grow up and stop acting like a five year old!

comfort zone?

WTF? dude, first, lets just ignore the fact that the devs specifically stated that there would be no "magic reaper button" and then put it in. lets even skip the fact that by "winning" you freaking destroyed civilization.

having said those two things, again, why did you like the ending?
im a good enough player that i got the synthesis choice, and i still feel gypped in the extreme.
you cant promise this and that in a product, and expect people not to be pissed when you not only dont deliver, but renege on a major promise, a.k.a. "no magic reaper button" which is exactly what that shit ending was

Prison Break.

LOL my mom was thinkin' of writing to the creator of Prison Break because Scofield dies at the end of it. She's like "I know it's just a show, but THEY DIDN"T HAVE TO DO THAT, HIM AND SARA COULD'VE BLAH BLAH BLAH. People like this, they're dizzy fucks you know? These ME weenies are the video game equivalent to those sweaty, sloppy, fat fucking hogs that sit around all afternoon obsessing over who's fucking who on Days of Our Lives.

keep dreaming underachievers

You cant and wont do crap about these people. Why? Because spoiled as they may be, they're actually the kind of people who take action to get what they want. You on the other hand, posting on some obscure comment section in a semi-popualr website wont achieve anything.


Oh no I didn't like the ending.. I DEMAND you remake it. There have been plenty of movies I didn't like the ending with because I became attached. Maybe I should write and DEMAND they remake the ending. Have been books I didn't like the ending maybe I should DEMAND they remake it. It is fair enough to not like something, but demanding the people who created the story to change their own words, actions and hard work is darn right disrespectful. Hell I HATED Call of Duty 3 story.. but I wont DEMAND they remake it.

Well, at least there doing something good

But I mean, this all over an ending of a GAME. It's still ridiculous either way. Whatever the ending looks like, if it disappoints me, well, okay, I'll be disappointed. But I'm not going to be going through all this trouble like they are doing over an ending. The demand of these fans is just astounding to me.

It is a game

This is the only game (including board games) that you gave them money for, and you lose no matter what. All games are designed to be won, but not this. It was a brilliant game right till the very very end. All your choices and experiences came together, but were made irrelevant in the end. I do not demand a better ending (it was quite cool actually) but I would like to buy a DLC with a better one that let you know what happened to all your friends and races etc.


i think u guys are doing it wrong? i hate it too, how they do everything disregarding the fans that they mooch the money off. now, the hatred, the way i see it, is NOT to buy the game, DONT buy it! but that doesn't mean u cant play it, just pirate it, and make copies and distribute it, so that the sales will drop, and then, only Bioware will listen, in the end, the fact is, what they want is your MONEY. teach them a good lesson, DONT buy.

Pissed off

Until today I thought everyone was just overreacting, but I just now finished it and I am super pissed off, will just have to make up own ending in head and not play any DLC's and forget boring lame ass Bioware ending.


Now that is the way to shake up the system. For kids who are trapped in a hospital, possibly in pain much of the time, games are a great distraction. I totally support this effort and the message it sends to Bioware/EA. Faithful fans deserve a better payoff than an ending and story I believe is incomplete and unsatisfying by design - the intent being to leave players hungry for a DLC that "fixes" the game. This kind of thinking should be punished, not rewarded. Shaming them through a charity drive (and boycotting them until they DO fix ME3) are the best moves fans could make.

the likely hood of that

the likely hood of that happening. NEVER. The fact for every person who believe they can change profits in gaming these days, i laugh at you. Just remind yourself that every year more and more people who once weren't gamers are now playing games. So it will never hit there profits, If there ever is a ME4, it will sell, as long as the game makes enough to cover the cost of making it which is about 30-100mil depends which roughly means they got sell about 1.5-3mil copies of it and bam not only did they cover the cost of making it but they have profit. So if they sold say 4-7 million copies World Wide. You will never stop them EVER.

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