Frank Gibeau Explains How EA Won’t Repeat Its Current Gen Mistakes

Frank Gibeau, head of labels at Electronic Arts admits that they had a lot of trouble at the beginning of the current consoles generation, but he believes that they’ve sorted out the reason behind that and that they are going avoid such problems during the eminent next gen consoles launch.

Gibeau believes that all their trouble stemmed from a single core issue: they didn’t have a powerful enough game engine to harness the power of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at launch; A mistake the company is determined not to repeat by taking advantage of their proprietary Frostbite engine.

"[Frostbite] is tailor made for next-gen hardware, so we're in really good shape from a technology standpoint, which is where we had our misstep last time," Gibeau explained.

Gibeau then admitted reluctantly that EA’s current gen launch titles were not as “rich and broad” as they should’ve been. "We've already started three to five IPs that we're going to launch in those first 24 months of the next generation," he assured. "EA Sports is there with all of its power, and you also see some really big brands like Battlefield coming out."

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Oh come on! Seriously?!

**** you EA and **** you Frank! Go ahead and make me more promises you won't release the same **** over and over....maybe I'll believe you "THIS" time! Oh wait! No, I won't because of your ridiculously strong record of churning out clone software again and again! You're not a company you're a ******* joke! Too bad not everyone sees you for what you are: leeches on the gaming community!

Every time EA promise they

Every time EA promise they won't be evil and the next gen will be the best, I just remember back to when they bought out Bullfrog and stopped all sequels and made some half-arsed games for no one that cared. And since they made that move every company they buy, every game they release, stinks like someone was sitting there during the whole production saying "nah don't put that in there, that's too fun, they will never buy a sequel or DLC if you put that in there" For example, why is Need For Speed: The Run, based on the "next-gen" frostbite engine so limited gameplay wise? So you play it once, think it looks amazing and then wait for a sequel to play for another hour and a half. Thanks EA, you ******* dicks.

Profit Maximizing Company

NO Frank Gibeau your problem is that your bottom line is the profit and to earn profit you'll get the hard work of other people and call it your own and when a game is complete pick apart the company. EA is an evil that is the virus to the gaming world.


In the past I'd buy anything Bioware. That was until EA got them. I loved dragon age but dragon age 2 felt like they lost the bioware touch and became zombified by EA's rush it out the door to make bucks attitudes. Thanks EA for ruining great companies, fix that problem instead of putting out clone games or half finnished games.

Mistakes, they've made a few

Launching Origin at the expense of listing titles on Steam is their biggest blunder in my eyes, haven't bought or looked at a single EA title since they yanked them from the number one digital content delivery system on the planet.

Your loss really. Origin is

Your loss really. Origin is only going to get better. So far I've had great customer service the 3 times i've had to use it. My one and only Steam support call was like getting elephant **** raped in the prison shower. Basically if I can buy the game in the store, even if it requires Steam (MW2/3) I will refuse to give Steam any money. Whats wrong with a little healthy competition?


He didn't admit they make ****** hyped games, that's the major problem with EA. It hasn't lived up to its bullshit. Let down after let down..

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