Gabe Newell: Valve Can’t Figure How To Make Half-Life 3 Better Than 2

If you are not familiar with Valve, Gabe Newell, Doug Lombardi, Half-Life and Ricochet, you might feel that we are overreaching in our conclusions here. So, we’ll start by putting some context first.

1 - First of all, it is a fact that Ricochet is Valve’s worst and least successful game ever.
2 - Gabe Newell is a bit of a blabbermouth but Doug Lombardi and the marketing team are prohibiting him under penalty of death by zombies from revealing anything about Half-Life 3.
3 - The Half-Life franchise is the crown treasure of Valve and Half-Life 2 is considered to be the company’s best game ever.
4- Ricochet was bundled with the original Half-Life in 1998.

With all that in mind, you’d sympathize with us when we refuse to accept Newell’s comments about the difficulties facing them while developing Ricochet 2. Specially, when he claims that it is taking too long to develop because "We can't figure out how to make it better."

"It's kind of perfect the way it is," he asserted. "so how could we possibly ever do Ricochet 2?"

Maybe we should’ve added “wink wink” at the end of Gabe’s comments to make his meaning more obvious. What do you think?

If you are still not convinced that Gabe Newell is talking about Half-Life 3, just remember that Ricochet consisted of nothing more than an empty space populated by floating neon-lit platforms that carry the players around while they throw balls at each other.

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Los gamers de ahora!

bueno los gamers de hoy en dia son muy duros, ellos quieren esto y solo esto, ademas de que sea mejor que el anterior... yo la verdad disfruto de los juegos y no me desespero por terminarlo para seguir con el siguiente y Ricochet, aunque no fuera muy jugable en ese entonces, lo jugaba a diario con mi hermana ya que era facil de manejar y muy competitivo. La verdad estoy feliz por que sacaran Ricochet 2, ademas ya han sacado half life 2, episodio 1 y 2, pueden seguir esperando ¿que mas quieren pedir?

You should send that as a

You should send that as a memo to Gabe! I guess people like you were bread breast feeding off the ***** of other men. Guess its to be expected when you lost your vertebrae at birth and can now sit as a fat gelatinous blob that can suck his own ****.


@Anon: HAHA! @Anonymous Comment: at least the guy can suck his own ****, whereas if you even have a *****, which I highly doubt, it must resemble a mosquito bite. Btw, did M$ pay you to write that or are you just a pathetic Windows 8 fan boy that is constantly searching the web for any comments relating to the OS just so you can prove your devotion to M$ in hopes to win a free Xbox? Do us all a favor and get back to masturbating to Tom Cruise films. Sent from my Windows 8 Tablet!:)


I do remember HL1 and HL2 had a nice mix of gunfights followed by puzzles, smart ones may I add, that involved gravity use and a little common sense, all of this based on a perfectly believable story. When I think of HL3, that's all I want, new doesn't mean better like the saying "don't fix what isn't broken". If they can come up with interesting puzzles that can actually use gravity in different ways and values (low gravity enviroments?) interesting characters that actually play a role in your gameplay (HL2 mechanical dog) and a mix of low paced mentally challenging moments and quick thinking high impact gunfights... I will be a happy CUSTOMER.

Half life 3 baby!!!

Half Life is an older game, but is still my favorite game of all time. I love the "Freeman." I just got the new game informer magazine today and it has the half life symbol on the back with a little question mark next to it. I'm so excited. Keep up the great work valve. Portals one and two are great too. For all you complainers out there, try lowering your expectations just a little bit. The reason people cry about games sucking these days is because we are spoiled with so many other great games.

easy. here's how:

easy. here's how: 1. destructive, dynamic environments. 2. include worldcraft 3.0 + source code. 3. DON'T try to make it an EPIC MOVIE. it's just a game. repeat: it's just a game ... 4. no quicktime events. avoid too many long uninteractive cutscenes & ovverdone "story". it's just a game ... 5. focus on & playtest it to death for REPLAY VALUE. it must be fun. it's just a game, not a movie. 6. no DRM. fully offline installable & playable. no forced updates. 7. don't release it on consoles. EVER. make a separate game for console audience if you must.

It's "just" a game?

I'm not sure where you're going with the whole "it's just a game" thing. Specially when you seem to imply that it souldn't have a good story as it's "just a game". Since when don't games require strong narrative?

I meant that newer FPS games

I meant that newer FPS games are trying to make epic cinematic moments by putting players on rails & inside invisible walls. It may look good & dynamic on a demo show when the guy is doing exactly what the testers want, but when you play it and stand still and notice all the faraway explosions around you and nothing happens for hours while you stand in a warzone until you cross that supposedly invisible event trigger line or quicktime event ... there's no replay value in 'em. they become like movies too much (COD, Halo, MOH series ... Doom3 ... etc). yes, Half-life had a story, but it also had a ton of clevery designed levels with encounters of enemies having good nodal-based AI that made me want to quick-reload every fight over & over to try it in a different way (lob a grenade down that stairway and shoot the guy who panickly runs up!!! Make the aliens fight the soldiers!!). I never got around to replaying HL1 or HL2 cause they seemed much much too easy the 2nd time. but considering all the reloading I did, I probably got 3-4 playthroughs worth out of them. Plus the level editing & modding was very easy in HL1 same as quake engine so you could show off your own fun maps.

I agree with some of your

I agree with some of your statements, but the crowning jewel of the Half Life series has beeen its story, so to say to avoid making it more dynamic like a movie is just ignorant of valve's story-telling past. We don't want a Halo, we want a Half Life 3 :).

story was good yes, but not

story was good yes, but not what made it fun to play. the crowning jewel for HL2 was the gameplay: the gravity gun. the vehicles. the physics & throwable objects. without these gameplay elements, the game wouldn't ever have been so well received, no matter how much plot/dialog/cutscenes/twists.

HL & HL2 where revolutionized

HL & HL2 where revolutionized FPS games (as did other titles like doom, quake, COD, etc).. The real issue is how would one go about revolutionizing the whole genre again? The standards are too **** high (Portal didn't help much either) and this must scare the hell out of them. I have some theories on how this could be achieved though... But what do I know! Also, to someone who commented early... Gabe didn't say they would only make multiplayer games from now on... They said they wouldn't do more singleplayer games. But this could just mean integrating community features (like Demon's Souls did for example). Still I agree with MG (and everyone else for that matter) that Ricochet was a piece of crap... I still remember the first (and only) time I played it. My mind just repeated "wtf is this?". As for the article itself... Please people, would it hurt to specify the sources? I know I can just (and did just) google for it, but still.. for the sake of "journalism"...

Slow news day?

I don't want to be "that" guy but I just noticed this article is almost a year old... Has it been a slow week on the Megagames newsroom? In any case this passed just under my scope so I guess it was useful...

Unless they make some

Unless they make some groundbreaking physics in the game I don't think they can top it. Last HL game didn't really peak my interest but they did have good depth perception, but I did like the HL gold for DC because it was one of a kid game for me. I'm not sure but I think HL was the first game to have constant lip-sync.

This article is speculative

This article is speculative nonsense, I'm afraid. The surrounding context has been completely ignored. The Ricochet analogy was started on an interview with Gabe on the Seven Day Cooldown podcast, and has been used ever since. On a separate occasion, Erik Johnson has confirmed that the game was still in development; and Gabe himself has claimed the game will be running on the next version of the Source engine. Unless you're trying to be deliberately misleading with your article, I'd advise you amend your article according to known facts, rather than taking isolated quotes out of context.

I agree it was just a

I agree it was just a standard fps, but mostly it was for the physics gun, and pretty reasonable story line that everyone liked it soo much. Plus it was extremely popular because of the mods you could have like Counterstrike and Day of Defeat on a whole new engine which made HL2 that much more popular.

the only thing that im

the only thing that im worried about is the fact that valve has already stated that they are not going to make anymore single player games... i hope they dont mess up HL3 i wanna see what happens after that guy's neck got drilled...semi spoiler alert btw


Richochet was actually fun when it still had a community. valve does have a challenge on their hands trying to best hl2, there's a chance they'll lose fans instead of create new ones, that's prolly what they're worried about ^

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