Gearbox Designer Disses Dragon’s Crown Sorceress’ Boobs

Dragon’s Crown game might turn out to be a very interesting game, but until now only two parts of it have managed to garner interest on the internet: its sorceress’ gigantic boobs.

As expected, the large hovering (yes, they hover and bounce – remember that she’s a sorceress) breasts irked a lot of people. One of those people is Gearbox environmental artist Shaylyn Hamm who posted on the Escapist’s forum saying that "I want to see more women getting interested in games and game development, but stuff like this only serves to further cement the idea that you're stepping into a male hobby rather than something that is more inclusive."

"Also, this is the first time I've seen that character and holy shit, ahahahahahaha. That's actually something that made its way into a basically finished video game, fucking lol! Some juvenile delinquent kid in my 5th grade class used to draw girls that looked like that (only without the creepy blank, featureless samefaces and wizard hats), and I think he was actually better at it. I also think he's in jail now. This is amazing."

Hamm’s comments didn’t brush right with Dragon’s Crown fans who pointed out that that Gearbox has a lot of sexualized female characters in its games with special mention going to Duke Nukem Forever.

Dragon’s Crown artist George Kamitani didn’t respond to Hamm’s comments, but he responded earlier to similar comments by drawing a picture of three nearly-naked dwarfs and pointing out that his criticizers would enjoy it.

Dragon’s Crown is a hand-drawn side scroller. The game is available for pre-order for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. More info is available on Dragon’s Crown official website.

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Please, for the sake of

Please, for the sake of enlightment, more please. My spouse is like that magician but I dont get to see her in that outfit. Gotta do something about that. Besides, gotta get the best of them before they fall due to age and gravity. More naked dwarfs and curves, with a few athletic bodies to match, for the guys with a taste for that. Ironic, I just got into the friend zone according to the captcha.

Majority Vs Minority

There was always a power struggle between the majority and minority. It seems that with the correct upbringing and environment, one can make a Nazi with all beliefs intact, likewise, a child may grow up to become a ferocious racist because he is from a racist family and upbringing. A few more of these examples follow, for instance, smoking was cherished though the scientific facts prove it is harmful, the "majority" did so. Slavery was also a "Rich Majority" trend where a family without their own slave was considered rather odd. The media tells us what we dress like, what we say, how we behave, how we take in each situation etcetera. The media is not always right, but because of peer pressure and "sheepism" people force themselves to look like and behave like someone they clearly don't want to be like. The media is not always right, as trends come and go, they leave lasting impacts on a persons life, sometimes for the worst. The majority is not always right either, Cleopatra used to use lead make-up, made her look good, that's all they cared about, like fancy gold fish being lasered; even though it shortens the life of the fish, people still insist. If enough people say a wrong is a right, the "Sheeps" will surely be hell-bent on that. If you shout loud enough, they'll think your right. In Russia and other Eastern European countries, incest is a norm, and if you criticise them, they'll probably give you a half-baked, ill-formed, unreasonable, response, much like the responses you'll find here. Remember, if enough people say it's right, then it's right, you'll have to change your beliefs to fit in.

its seems he himself is

its seems he himself is childish. games made by Japanese are like this mostly. thinking it as artistically, it is the mind of the artist and then ppl can criticize all they want. besides that everyone is focused on her and her *******, look at the other characters. dwarf, elf, knight, dragons etc. iT's A FANTASY. which means it is exaggerated, ppl creatures, environments etc. i notice lots of ppl that say stupid thing on this subject are really ignorant ppl rambling. if you get offened by small things then your just a monkey. btw their are women with breast as large as hers. its called google find em!!

its seems he himself is

its seems he himself is childish. games made by Japanese are like this mostly. thinking it as artistically, it is the mind of the artist and then ppl can criticize all they want. i notice lots of ppl that say stupid thing on this subject are really ignorant ppl rambling. if you get offened by small things then your just pathetic

Utterly distasteful

My word! What are we implying to our young?! Indeed What are we implying to our women folk or those of the opposite gender? When women are only noticed when they take their clothes off, the moment they are dressed well then they are indeed invisible, or perhaps the to perverted eyes at least! It must be hard for the women gamer for sure.This is a game that does what, admittedly, many games are doing, sexualising women, objectifying them which is very anti-feminist. The internet is bursting beyond comprehension as to how much pornography there is and is most easily accessible, many at times you stumble across it unwittingly even; there is hardly anything we haven't seen, we have seen it all, as there are countless categories available and with this data available to young boys and girls, they are taught how to treat one another i.e girls behave like shameless, undignified ill-romanced, self-objectified individuals, while boys learn how to treat women and see them as nothing but "hos" and "turney". This must also make them practice sexual acts before their time also. I also fail to comprehend, if it is pornography one wants, then you know the place, then why must we have these school boy teasers here, gaming is serious business, treat it with respect. Watching ***** rated movies 24/7/365 does in no way make one an "*****" someone may do this and still lack basic spellings and grammer. Treating women with respect and like human beings, not sexual lust sources and "one night stands" and "Hoes" and "turney" does not mean one is simply gay; it merely means that he is truly an "*****" not a "School boy Nose bleeder". Games like Beach Volley Ball, Leisure suite Larry, and others are not true games, ask any hardcore gamer. Gaming is going to die especially with THIS kind of "innovation". The alternative serious ***** edition to beach volley ball I find has to be "Sexy Beach" not school boy nonsense, you actually "Get That".


You rant too much, pointing your finger at games, parroting ignorant politicians and lobbyists everywhere. Wake up junior, women were objectified long, LONG before the first videogame did it. They are not the source of the problem and people like you who can't even see such things are utterly useless, you make a fuss over the wrong things while the actual cause of the problems you dislike so much are left undisturbed. ******...

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