Here's the first look at Amazon's game controller

It's been hinted at that Amazon could be working on a new controller for some time now, though details have been incredibly thin on the ground. The rumours swirled around for a while, in the same pit of endless speculation as the fabled Amazon console, but now we might have gotten our first look at the Amazon controller and it's got some interesting additions beyond the norm.

It may of course simply be a prototype piece of kit, so it might change to something more exciting, but at the moment it looks very familiar. However, the new buttons aren't your typical start and select. At the bottom there's media buttons, for play/pause, forward and back, and just above the D-Pad and right thumbstick, is a set of buttons more commonly found on smartphones, suggesting that it could well be for an Android console of some kind, or more likely, is capable of hooking up to smartphones wirelessly.

Expect tablets from Amazon like the Kindle Fire to support it too.

There's also some LED indicators along with the left and right side, one said to show battery life and the other bluetooth connectivity, though it seems like when holding the controller, you won't be able to see them.

I like that it seems to be covered in that soft rubber material, but the shape doesn't seem that ergonomic. What do you guys think of the design?

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Did sony touch you in a bad spot or something. You seem to have tons of unwarranted hate towards them. Or did someone else touch your bad spot and now you blame sony. Like no matter the features sony boasts you trash them. No matter if it is Xbone announcing DRM or saying that the camera has to be connected to even turn on the machine you are always for it if microsoft is doing it. So I don't get your beef. Do you work for microsoft or are you just very damaged?

If its not a prototype...

Amazon.. stick with what you know.. the gaming market is conflagulated with enough garbage as is.. this controller idea is garbage in itself.. your layout is mediocre as ****. this is epic fail written all over it like an atari E.T cartridge..

The handles are too thin you

The handles are too thin you will lack of grip but despite the lack of innovation the left thumbstick is at the right place unlike a PS gamepad. They might add a mini-usb adapter bundled with it and sell it for Android and PC to compete with the xbox360 controller.

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