How Transistor Uses DualShock 4's Light Bar To Immerse Players

Transistor is Supergiant Games' follow-up to Bastion. The game features a talking sword that glows and pulses whenever it speaks to its protagonist. The development team was able to match DualShock 4's light bar color and pulse rate to that of the word; and they found that has added tremendously to player's immersion.

"When Sony revealed the controller, they suggested this light bar could have a variety of uses, such as visually distinguishing between four players in a cooperative game and stuff like that," creative director Greg Kasavin explained. "Sony didn't suggest it could be used to indicate when an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin was speaking to you."

"We soon found, however, that the light bar works really well for that. We got it to match the exact turquoise hue of the in-game weapon, and the flashing effect was in perfect sync. When I played with this for the first time, it felt a little more like the Transistor was right there in my own hands."

"The controller has a speaker on it, too," he added suggestively. "We're looking into that."

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Is Sony trying to treat us

Is Sony trying to treat us like monkeys? How many people can be amused by a little light that blinks and how exactly does this immerse a player in a game when it is the stimulus on screen which directly influences a players self immersion. This monkey is not impressed :P

I can't speak for anyone else

I can't speak for anyone else but why in the hell would I want to ignore a game just so I can turn the controller around to check out how 'cool' a flashing light is? The light is situated on the controller so the camera can easily identify it, right? This fact means the player is located on the opposite side (logical so far). Therefore, to see the light you must neglect both the game and controller at the same time. Let's face it, unless you are holding the controller in reverse position up against the tv, the light has no significance. Now, let's say you are using the vita to view and play your games on. Where is the light then? I'm no professional but I bet others also understand the word 'redundant' and understand how relevant it is to Sony's attempt at innovation

Not entirely original but its a plus.

if anyone here has owned a Wii, there were games that implimented all kinds of features from the Wiimote controller. No More Heroes for example had the controller act like the cell phone when talking to the girl that gave your the missions. Smash brothers also has moves and character names called out from the controller itself.

"Immersion is a skill, not

"Immersion is a skill, not something the game does for you"<<< You really just said that. Maybe someday if you're smart enough you will understand that immersion is not a skill but an element of the gaming experience much like story, graphics, etc.

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